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Examples of use of the word "canning" in the press

1. Typically, commercially canned foods are heated long enough and to high enough temperatures to kill the spores. "It's been a triumph of food safety that canning is safe. (Washington Post, 19-07-2007)

2. Kilpatrick spokesman James Canning said the mayor's office had no comment. (Washington Post, 29-01-2008)

3. Police said four of the fatalities, all civilians, were killed in a bomb explosion outside a tuna canning factory in General Santos City on the southeastern side of the island, according to a police official and media reports. (Arab News, 31-01-2008)

4. General Santos police chief Roberto Po said a home-made bomb went off at past 6 p.m. outside the main gates of Philbest Canning Corporation in the village of Bawing, wounding 30 other people. (Arab News, 31-01-2008)

5. NOT PEACHY Farmers block roads for a third day Peach growers from the prefecture of Pella blocked the Thessaloniki-to-Edessa highway in northern Greece for the third day in a row yesterday demanding that canning companies pay more for their crops. (Kathimerin, 11-08-2005)

6. Philbest cannery has refused to comment on the bombing. Known as the tuna capital of the Philippines, General Santos is home to some of the biggest tuna canning factories in Southeast Asia. (Arab News, 31-01-2008)

7. "Obviously we are very disappointed with Governor Granholm's decision," Kilpatrick's deputy press secretary, James Canning, said in a statement. (Washington Post, 27-08-2008)

8. The beautiful mountain resort city of Baguio in the northern Philippines, for one, celebrates the Panagbenga flower festival every February. “Zamboanga City has been variably called the ‘Convention Capital of the Country’ or the ‘Sardines Capital,’ because canning factories here provides about 70 percent of all sardines sold and consumed in the country today,” he said. (Arab News, 25-09-2006)

9. Peach producers have been in a tug-of-war with canning companies the last few weeks over the prices paid for their fruit. Mazda recall Mazda dealerships are recalling the RX-8 model which rolled off the production line between July 28, 2003 and the start of July this year, the Development Ministry said yesterday. (Kathimerin, 09-08-2005)

10. The farmers claim the price of 1' cents per kilo being offered by the canning companies is well below their production costs. Taxi strike? (Kathimerin, 11-08-2005)

11. Branded as food arabia for food, beverages and catering, hotel arabia for hotel equipment, supplies and services, and propac arabia for processing, packaging, canning, bottling, labeling and plastics, this is described as the Kingdom’s national showcase and the region’s international forum. (Arab News, 16-05-2008)

12. Zamboanga City has been attacked in the past by the Abu Sayyaf group, which bombed civilian targets and on several occasions kidnapped foreigners among them a German canning executive, a Belgian agrarian expert, a Taiwanese matriarch and some Chinese traders. (Arab News, 30-05-2008)

13. You apologize and attempt to move forward." Neither Kilpatrick nor Beatty planned on Friday to release any statements regarding the announced investigation, mayoral spokesman James Canning said. (Washington Post, 27-01-2008)

14. Their activities spread to 36 villages, launching small industries for roasting cashews and canning fish paste. Supervisors monitoring their progress began seeing bruises on the women and hearing about brawls. (Washington Post, 17-06-2008)

15. Saeed said. “After that, we built the Pepsi Cola factory, and the perfume factory and then an aluminum canning factory, the glass factory and then the plastic factory. (Arab News, 23-07-2005)

16. The Trinamool damaged buses in other parts of the city, including one on Canning Street, while Congress supporters who blocked Howrah Bridge were baton-charged by police and 25 of them were arrested. (Arab News, 10-10-2006)

17. Chris Canning, spoke on new medical treatments for vascular eye disease, and specialist surgeon Dr. (Arab News, 27-08-2007)

18. The total amount of cash stolen was not revealed. Peach war Farmers in northern Greece said yesterday that they have cut off the supply of peaches to the region’s fruit-canning businesses since Tuesday in a bid to secure higher prices for their produce. (Kathimerin, 28-07-2005)

19. Lifeguards were more concerned with crowds and riptides than sharks. "The most dangerous part of the day, if you're going to the beach, is getting on the freeway to come here," said Garth Canning, section chief of the Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguard Division. (Washington Post, 27-04-2008)

20. The 11th edition of the exhibition will showcase food, beverages, processing, packing, canning, hotel equipment, supplies and services, according to Al-Harithy Company for Exhibitions Ltd. (ACE), the organizer. (Arab News, 27-04-2006)

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