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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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intuition Искать примеры произношения
1. That's my intuition. And again, I don't see the numbers running up right now. (Washington Post, 19-09-2007)

2. "So we began to explore it, and we found vast tracts that could be utilized." Carrizales, a retired army colonel like the president, added, "I think that with the president's intuition -- the president is a man of great intuition -- he perceived that you could develop something there, so we started in November of 2006." Venezuelans are bracing for more grandiose plans, especially if Chбvez's powers expand under proposed constitutional changes that voters are being asked to approve on Sunday. (Washington Post, 27-11-2007)

3. It is based on suspense, speed, intuition and determination delivered in the most dramatic manner. “The show offers one of the biggest cash prizes on TV,” Roger K. (Arab News, 13-09-2006)

4. But instead of official pronouncements, the cabbies rely more on friends, family members, fellow drivers and what some consider a sort of innate intuition about the roads. "We call the taxi driver in Iraq a roving reporter," said Haider Abbas, the driver who was surprised by the bustle in Adhamiyah. (Washington Post, 28-11-2007)

5. There seems to be a collective intuition that they are in for a wild ride. And they may well be. (Washington Post, 04-02-2008)

6. Big Wall Street firms are failing: Quick -- let's bail out businesses that are "too big to fail." Trying to fix problems that affect vast numbers of people has an intuitive appeal that politicians and policymakers find irresistible, but several warehouses of research studies show that intuition is often a poor guide to fixing systemic problems. (Washington Post, 09-06-2008)

7. "He was hiking and he came there because he told me he had this funny intuition and urge to go hiking there even though he'd never been there before," Hildebrand said. (Washington Post, 22-01-2008)

8. "Our normal intuition is that it's illegal and probably immoral to actively kill someone," said Robert M. (Washington Post, 24-04-2008)

9. New theories have emerged as crime rates have inched up in recent years. Most of the theories have been long on intuition and short on evidence. (Washington Post, 09-07-2007)

10. "I think at this point, because they already killed the others, (he) is going to be probably dead as well, that's just a mom's intuition," said Jackie Stewart, a resident of Ridgefield, Wash. (Washington Post, 25-03-2008)

11. Like Cold War spies, they use a mix of state-of-the-art technology, rigorous training and split-second intuition to find out where the hidden subs are, where they may be headed and how fast they are going. (Washington Post, 29-08-2007)

12. For details, log on to www.amcham.gr. Wednesday The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems hosts the fourth Intuition international conference on “Virtual Reality and Virtual Environment,” at the National Bank of Greece Training and Conference Center in Glyfada. (Kathimerin, 01-10-2007)

13. The Yediot report quoted Barak as saying, "Israelis have healthy intuition. (Arab News, 11-08-2007)

14. And his take would be calculated by intuition, an elaborate and elastic game of subtle hints. "First, what is my risk?" he asked us. (Washington Post, 15-05-2008)

15. He declined to say why the man was stopped for questioning, saying only that the patrolling officer had "an intuition." He said the man was in his 20s. (Washington Post, 26-06-2008)

16. Much of the job, Chodikoff says, is based on intuition developed over a dozen years of working on the show. (Washington Post, 30-04-2008)

17. Nor is reasoning, because these conversations are not based on reason. They are based on intuition, and the projection of our darkest fears. (Washington Post, 07-06-2008)

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