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Abdul Ghafour, Arab News Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah receives a number of senior princes and top officials at Al-Safa Palace in Makkah on Wednesday night. (SPA) JEDDAH, 12 October 2007 — Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah yesterday called upon Muslims to strengthen their unity and solidarity inspired by the teachings of Islam as well as events like Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. “Fasting in Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr celebration are elements that promote unity and cohesion. (Arab News, 2007-10-12)
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Muasher also dubbed the draft Iraqi constitution set for referendum in mid- September as “an internal Iraqi issue,” but called on Iraqis to back the document with a view to shoring up stability in the war-torn country. “The draft constitution is an internal Iraqi issue, but what is of particular interest to us in Jordan is to see the document enjoy the largest national concord,” Muasher said. “Such harmony will boost the unity and cohesion of the Iraqi people and help the emergence of a stable Iraq.” The Iraqi constitutional committee signed off on a draft version of the constitution Sunday, two weeks after the original Aug. 15 deadline for completion. (Arab News, 2005-08-30)
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The government plans to eventually allocate some 2 billion euros to the fund each year. With Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis expected to announce in about two weeks that the general election will be held on September 23, PASOK accused the government of clutching at straws in its attempt to win over voters. “Every day we have new announcements, every day we have new lies,” said PASOK secretary Nikos Athanassakis. “All the government has to show… is the worsening of the living standards of the many in favor of the powerful.” Alogoskoufis denied that the cohesion fund is a pre-electoral handout. “We are implementing our program,” said the minister. “Previous governments made pre-election handouts when they found themselves in weak positions.” Meanwhile, sources said that Alogoskoufis and Karamanlis will return from their holidays on August 16 to begin preparing the government’ s election strategy. (Kathimerin, 2007-08-09)
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Let's keep it that way," she said. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Matthew d'Ancona, an author on Christian theology, said Williams's speech last week "showed that even the mildest-mannered intellectual can become a bulldog in the social china shop, spraying daft ideas around with a recklessness that disgraced his office." David Blunkett, a former home secretary, said on a radio program that formalizing sharia "would be wrong democratically and philosophically, but it would be catastrophic in terms of social cohesion." In a column in the News of the World tabloid, Williams's predecessor, George Carey, called the archbishop a "great leader" but said "his conclusion that Britain will eventually have to concede some place in law for aspects of sharia is a view I cannot share." A spokesman for Gordon Brown said the prime minister considers Williams to be "a man of great integrity and dedication to public and community service." "The prime minister understood the difficulty that the archbishop was facing at the moment," said the spokesman, who under standard British government rules spoke on condition of anonymity. (Washington Post, 2008-02-12)
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The grounds for the ruling are based on a statement by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): “If ever one of you calls his brother: You infidel, one of them shall come out the infidel and bear the onus thereof.” The declaration reiterates that all houses of worship are sacrosanct, including mosques and non-Muslim houses of worship of all faiths and religions. “Therefore,” the declaration states that, “these places of worship may not be attacked, appropriated, or in any other way used as a haven to perpetrate acts in contravention of Shariah.” The declaration rules that certain things and principles should never be forfeited, including, in particular, unity, cohesion, cooperation and solidarity in piety and righteousness. “It is incumbent upon all Muslims to adopt caution and vigilance against all attempts to sow division among them, break their ranks, or incite sedition, strife, and hatred in order to corrupt their divine and spiritual bonds with each other.” The scholars appealed to all Muslim scholars to support the ruling and urged the Muslims of Iraq to adhere to it. “We pray to Almighty God, on this sacred soil and blessed grounds, to protect and preserve the faith of all Muslims, ensure the safety of our homeland, and bring the Arab-Muslim country of Iraq out of its plight, end its trials and tribulations, and reinstate Iraq as a fortress and pillar of the Muslim Ummah in the face of its enemies.” Prominent among the 28 signatories of the declaration are Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Ghafour Al-Samarai, Sheikh Jalaludeen Al-Saghir, Sheikh Dr. (Arab News, 2006-10-22)

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