Гапутина Яна
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Foreign language(s): English
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     Я состою из воды, углерода и леени.
      Вот как то так.... 0_о
      Im from Belarus. I live in Zaslavl.
      Im looking for friends all over the planet, and I&# 39; m against international discord ( including Ukraine).
      In me there is blood Ukrainians, Belarusians, and I am against the separation of peoples. And we, Belarusians, not Bulbash people like everyone else, we eat the same thing as you. :))))))))))
      Sorry for the mistakes, I do not know much English and I use a translator.
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January, 14 2014 23:15:27
Свободная тема, поговорить, обсудить, спросить.
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