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magnanimity - definition

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Examples of use of the word "magnanimity" in the press

1. In Riyadh, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah thanked Palestinian leaders including President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah and Khaled Meshaal of Hamas for showing forbearance and magnanimity in reaching an agreement in Makkah in order to end their fratricidal fighting. (Arab News, 19-02-2007)

2. I escaped from that house having worked there for several years without payment and complained to the embassy,” she added. She thanked Prince Salman for his magnanimity in paying her salary dues. (Arab News, 10-11-2007)

3. Tolerance, grace and magnanimity have been the hallmarks of the previous kings of Arabia. (Arab News, 10-08-2005)

4. King Abdullah underlined the desert values of humaneness, open-mindedness, sincerity, chivalry, courage, magnanimity, romantic spirit and closeness to God. “While reading, I find myself attracted to everything that opens a new door toward understanding the human mind,” said the king, who is an avid reader. (Arab News, 12-02-2007)

5. "We should invoke this occasion to inspire ourselves by this historical occasion to strengthen the ties of brotherhood, compassion and magnanimity between the various segments of the Iraqi people," Maliki said. (Washington Post, 20-03-2008)

6. We all know that Saudis are known for their goodwill and kindness, and this is just one more example of the magnanimity of Saudis. (Arab News, 23-01-2006)

7. But a bigger number of supporters and critics denounced her decision not as an act of magnanimity but of political expediency at the expense of the countrys justice system. Former President Fidel Ramos, who played a crucial role in saving the Arroyo presidency when she faced her biggest crisis in 2005, warned that Estradas pardon could lead to Arroyos downfall. (Arab News, 26-10-2007)

8. You have gained the upper hand, so show magnanimity and pardon them.’ We then returned and the Prophet placed me behind him on his she-camel until we entered Madinah.” (Related by Ahmad, Al-Bukhari and Muslim.) Reports of this encounter make clear that when Salamah made his loud cries, a number of people came to the Prophet ready to give support. (Arab News, 22-02-2007)

9. Rajapakse, who had met with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah during King Fahd’s funeral, said: “During the brief audience I had with the king, I was positive that the Kingdom would usher in a new era under him and Sri Lanka could also be a beneficiary of his magnanimity and new foreign policies.” Rajapakse promised that Muslim interests would be well looked after under his presidency since he knew the needs of this community which constitutes eight percent of the island’s population. “I am a new leader and mine will be a new government, and will build a better Sri Lanka with the people’s participation,” he said Referring to international media reports branding him a hard-liner, Rajapakse said, “I have been a moderate politician embracing the interests of all political faiths and I want to continue those balanced policies throughout my political career.” He said he would respect the wishes and interests of all communities in the country and try to work for a common goal for the benefit of the entire nation. (Arab News, 21-11-2005)

10. "But since Sarkozy has made the right decision to attend the opening ceremony, we should welcome him as always, making him truly feel our magnanimity, enthusiasm and friendliness as Olympic host." (Washington Post, 10-07-2008)

11. Haider, father of the twins, said: “I am thankful to King Abdullah for his magnanimity in making all these arrangements. (Arab News, 28-11-2006)

12. Drawing attention to the wooden plaques on the wall which list the Confucian virtues that are being passed on to the next generation, Wang distils the sage's message down to three characteristics: honesty, magnanimity and creating well-rounded individuals. (Aljazeera, 05-12-2005)

13. King Abdullah’s decision on Monday to free Abdullah Al-Hamid, Matrouk Al-Faleh, Ali Al-Damini and Saeed ibn Zaeer along with the Libyan assassination plotters reflects not only his strength of character and magnanimity but also the strength of his leadership. (Arab News, 10-08-2005)

14. Making an earnest attempt to fake magnanimity, the commanding officer approaches a small group of his men and tells them he wants to know exactly what's bothering them, what their complaints and concerns are. (Washington Post, 13-07-2008)

15. Accepting the contribution from the two princes, Prince Sultan said that it is yet another major donation to demonstrate the magnanimity of philanthropy. “I am really encouraged by the response from all philanthropists who have donated toward this worthy cause and we anticipate more from kind-hearted individuals and establishments to carry out our activities in the Kingdom,” he said. (Arab News, 30-06-2007)

16. The Polish envoy said King Abdullah had become a household name in Poland following his Royal Decree to separate the conjoined Polish twins Daria and Olga at his expense. “This magnanimity was gratefully acknowledged by every Pole. (Arab News, 18-06-2007)

17. Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, chief executive officer of the National Guard Health Affairs and chief surgeon at KAMC, said this was a unique moment in which one of the beneficiaries, who experienced Islamic hospitality and magnanimity, reverted to Islam. “While welcoming Akumpu to our community, we feel happy that the services rendered under the instructions of King Abdullah are bearing fruit in several ways,” he said. (Arab News, 19-07-2007)

18. Those who would create dissent and mischief should realize there is a strong government capable of handling whatever arises in a manner beneficial to the interests of the country and its people. The decision to release the Libyan plotters also was an example of the king’s magnanimity and the farsightedness of the Saudi leadership. (Arab News, 10-08-2005)

19. Akumpu explained the agony his family underwent for one and a half years with the conjoined twins. “It’s because of the magnanimity shown by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah that my infants were separated at no cost to us,” Akumpu said, pointing out that the monarch’s action symbolizes the attitude and approach of Islam toward those that are less fortunate. “I have been attracted by Islam and delighted to be a partner of this great community that preaches real brotherhood, equality and tolerance,” he said. (Arab News, 19-07-2007)

20. "I was amazed at the magnanimity of the Saudi philanthropist who knows neither the driver nor the deceased," said Wijesundera, who was assisted by his missions interpreter Mohammed Zackariyah during the court proceedings. (Arab News, 13-08-2007)

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