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1. The Ahlan Wa Sahlan magazine project will acquaint Saudia passengers of diverse nationalities with the Kingdoms heritage and tourist attractions, the prince added. (Arab News, 13-05-2007)

2. Speaking on this occasion, Suwaiyel said, “A small amount of money invested in scientific and research institutions can boost the work profile of the institutions and eventually benefit the country’s economy.” He said that this event on venture capital would acquaint the professional organizations with new ideas as how to develop this vital financial sector. (Arab News, 11-03-2008)

3. Henley also will have to acquaint himself with Kohlmann’s decisions in the case and prepare for upcoming hearings on defense motions. (Arab News, 19-11-2008)

4. In a situation where we weren't believed, we also have the right not to believe and not to trust those who are conducting this autopsy." Lavrov said Russia did not fully trust Milosevic's autopsy Russia has asked the court to allow its experts to "take part in the autopsy or at least acquaint themselves with its results," Lavrov said, adding that a team of medics was ready to fly "urgently" to The Hague. (Aljazeera, 14-03-2006)

5. Also, we want to warn them of infectious diseases and acquaint them with ways of transmission and prevention ... we will also train them in first aid,” said Al-Hobani. (Arab News, 27-11-2008)

6. On July 15, a preparatory meeting entitled “Saqr Al-Aroubah” (the Falcon of Arabia), which is the nickname of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, was held to acquaint Saudi scouts with the same workshops that are held in London. (Arab News, 30-07-2007)

7. The objective of the BK-DSCA event was to encourage the children to acquaint themselves with the outside world by entertaining them with innovative games and activities aside from treating them to BK Kids Meals and goodies. (Arab News, 16-02-2006)

8. The king visited different parts of the Kingdom to acquaint himself with the condition of his people and their development needs. (Arab News, 30-06-2008)

9. The objective of the campaign is to acquaint the public with the new product before its introduction into the market on Jan. 1. (Arab News, 19-11-2006)

10. His company’s sales totaled SR100 million during the last five years, the prince said, adding that the company enjoyed a 20 percent market share in the products it distributed. “We’ve plans to organize seminars and presentations at hospitals and medical labs around the Arab world to acquaint them with the new range of DRK’s products,” he added. (Arab News, 12-07-2005)

11. Azam is a man with a mission. He used the opportunity at an iftar party here to acquaint a select gathering of Indians with his ambitious project of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University in Rampur in western Uttar Pradesh. (Arab News, 27-09-2006)

12. The UN, she said, had organized the “Awareness Day” for teenagers to acquaint them with the threats posed by HIV/AIDS and also to inform them about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Arab World, its transmission and prevention methods and other related issues. (Arab News, 30-09-2005)

13. The latest visit, that comes on the heels of the '/11 anniversary, will acquaint the president with the New Orleans region from the ground rather than from the air. (Aljazeera, 12-09-2005)

14. Fowzie said one other objective of the mission was to acquaint the Ministry of Petroleum about the oil situation in the island state. “We’re losing two billion rupees per month, as we’re selling petrol at the subsidized rate of 88 rupees as against its actual price of 100 rupees,” Fowzie said. (Arab News, 30-05-2006)

15. I look beautiful and that helps me a lot in my job. Over time, I’ve managed to acquaint myself with a lot of men. (Arab News, 24-04-2007)

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