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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. Not a trained broadcaster, Laura Bush doesn't bellow things the way so-called professionals do, and was sometimes the victim of audio upstaging. (Washington Post, 23-04-2008)

2. Muhammad Towfik Bellow, general manager of Ebsar Foundation, said that people with special needs usually lead normal lives but remain mostly indoors because of a lack of appropriate civil planning and public awareness. “I believe that if there were suitable places to go, they wouldn’t hesitate to visit them and a good example of that is the Ebsar Foundation, which has become a pleasant place to visit for people with vision impairments,” he said, adding that this is indicative of a big need for specialist clubs and other facilities to encourage visually impaired people to spend their time well. (Arab News, 17-05-2007)

3. Bellow called for stronger regulations to ensure handicapped access and rights in public places. “They must not get building permits unless they meet the requirements to make it safe for both normal people and people with special needs,” he said. (Arab News, 19-03-2008)

4. But try to help him from a chair to his feet, and he will bellow a loud, clear "No." Ninety years after the headstrong teenager lied his way into a uniform, then the European theater of World War I, the older version of that boy remains fiercely independent, determined to live life on his terms, at his pace. (Washington Post, 05-07-2007)

5. He added that some banks even refuse to give ATM cards to blind people based on concerns that the cards would be easier to steal. “This is totally unacceptable,” Bellow said. (Arab News, 19-03-2008)

6. According to Muhammad Bellow, general manager at Ebsar Foundation, recent statistics show that there are more than 160 million people with vision problems around the globe of which 124 million are sufferers of low vision impairment. “We try to prepare as many professionals as possible who can help those who have low vision impairment to live fuller lives,” said Bellow. “Three quarters of our society is under the age of 60, but we can’t consider age as the main factor behind low vision and blindness,” he said. “More work needs to be done and branches need to be opened.” Lighthouse International and Ebsar Foundation are also set to offer additional comprehensive clinical low vision care courses for three days on April 2-5 in Dubai. (Arab News, 31-03-2007)

7. He added that those who do not follow the rules should be warned and punished so that other clubs will make necessary preparations. “The rules of the club doesn’t allow us to enroll anyone with special needs,” and “Sorry, we do not offer facilities to special needs,” were the words special needs people wishing to enroll in sports clubs used to hear in the past, he said. “Where can they go if the public is not yet ready to mingle with them and the private clubs do not want to accept them?” he said. “Those who are blind also need facilities to exercise.” Bellow, who is blind, said he used to visit different clubs trying to enroll, but was turned away every time. (Arab News, 19-03-2008)

8. With the lack of all these things, how do we expect such people to be seen in public,” he said. Bellow added that one important issue is a lack of social rehabilitation centers for people with special needs that would help them understand their situation and provide them with the support to be independent and gain confidence to go out in public. (Arab News, 17-05-2007)

9. Bellow added that there is a need for different government ministries to coordinate with each other to build good roads, curbs, streets and traffic lights that are blind people-friendly. This would allow them to “safely, independently and gracefully” carry on with their daily lives. “There is a great need for widespread media involvement,” he said, adding, “It is essential to have a culture that meets the requirements of people with special needs. (Arab News, 17-05-2007)

10. Bellow said that while there may be laws, they mean nothing when people are allowed to make personal judgments. “They’re not following any rules,” he said. “It’s just people’s personal preferences.” Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah announced last year he would to build five sports clubs for people with special needs and promised to support them financially with SR500,000 annually. (Arab News, 19-03-2008)

11. Prince Sultan issued an order on Feb. 23 to all Saudi private sports clubs to start preparing the right environment for people with special needs, to accept them as soon as possible and give them subscriptions for reasonable fees. “We are glad that it happened finally but we hope the rules and regulations will be strictly implemented,” said Muhammad Bellow, Ebsar’s executive director. (Arab News, 19-03-2008)

12. He prevented the women from telephoning their relatives. However, the car broke down on the way and smoke began to bellow from the hood of the car. (Arab News, 14-05-2007)

13. Among the 18 finalists for the international prize announced in February were Nobel laureates Saul Bellow, Gunter Grass, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Kenzaburo Oe. (Aljazeera, 03-06-2005)

14. He finally suggested that "the other side must be rattled if they're continually saying false things about us," before walking away. What creates such awkwardness are long days when reporters have only seconds to bellow a question. (Washington Post, 28-01-2008)

15. Bellow said he wants to work on how banks treat blind people. He claimed that banks ask blind people to bring two witnesses with them simply to open accounts. (Arab News, 19-03-2008)

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