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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. Ways are always found to get around laws like this one. "The balloon will be pressed, and the air will come out another way," said Kenneth A. (Washington Post, 14-08-2007)

2. All of them are Shiites.” Witnesses said a procession of about 300 people in black mourning clothes had come out of the Imam Barga Quami at around '.45 a.m. and were passing the town bazaar when the explosion went off. “The procession started and we were beating our chests. (Arab News, 10-02-2006)

3. That sad exit-poll result, however, didn't come close to matching, in impact, the political deception displayed during the campaign. Recall last week's ABC debate in Philadelphia and the way Clinton managed to link Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan and the Rev. (Washington Post, 26-04-2008)

4. We come from a country that has a reputation for religious diversity and tolerance. To go against the American government — that’s unacceptable to our community.” Prosecutor William Fitzpatrick defended the government’s handling of the case, telling the jury: “The FBI investigates crime on the front end. (Arab News, 24-12-2008)

5. Young birch leaves that are still slightly sticky can be added to salads. Birch sap, which flows in the spring before the leaves come out, is a refreshing drink. (Helsingin Sanomat, 07-06-2005)

6. The current system, he said, pushes such people to take risks rather than conserve their clients' money. If French banks cannot come up with a more acceptable way to pay their employees by the end of the year, he said, the French government will step in and do it for them. (Washington Post, 26-09-2008)

7. Meanwhile, Maliki, who has come under fire from at home and abroad for failing to restore stability in Iraq, clamped a curfew on Kerbala after Tuesdays bloodletting. (Arab News, 30-08-2007)

8. Altaf said whenever he would come to Pakistan he would pass the same amount of time in the interior of Sindh as in urban Sindh. (Arab News, 20-03-2006)

9. The notices come as explosions rocked Kabul's most popular luxury hotel Monday, killing at least six people, including one American and a journalist from Norway. (Washington Post, 15-01-2008)

10. He said he has been assured repeatedly by Israel that a significant number of the blockades would come down. (Washington Post, 06-03-2008)

11. The abductions come amid 18 months of rising violence in Afghanistan with daily clashes between Taliban insurgents and Afghan and foreign troops, and a rise in suicide attacks and roadside bombs increasingly extending into areas previously considered safe. (Washington Post, 25-07-2007)

12. Learn that what you have missed would have never been yours, and what you have got you would have never missed. Learn also that victory is assured with perseverance, a way out is certain to come after a time of stress, and that hardship is followed by ease.” (Related by Al-Bukahri.) When we consider these words we realize that they were simple enough to be understood by a 10-year old, yet they can be fundamental in shaping a young man’s attitude to life in general. (Arab News, 30-04-2008)

13. "Everybody wants to come to the fight, so to speak, and no one wants to step back and say 'No, I can't do this.' The final coup de grace was the World Trade Center. (Washington Post, 02-09-2007)

14. "If the trajectories continue, it's within the realm of possibility that Clinton could come in third," Zogby said. (Washington Post, 24-01-2008)

15. They don't come and eat." Around the corner, Ike Osita, 24, said he has been arrested five times in the past year. (Washington Post, 15-09-2008)

16. Fresh from his government’s eight-day standoff with striking sailors, the prime minister warned yesterday that he is not willing to make any compromises in labor relations even though other unions are planning industrial action in the weeks to come. Premier Costas Karamanlis spoke to the New Democracy central committee yesterday as the ruling conservatives gathered in Athens to vote in a new party secretary to replace Evangelos Meimarakis, who was appointed defense minister in the recent reshuffle. (Kathimerin, 26-02-2006)

17. Clearly these processes take time and full justice may never come, but with the paramilitary leaders being prosecuted in the U.S., impunity seems today far less likely than ever before. (Washington Post, 23-05-2008)

18. And it's going to make an awfully big noise come March the 4th." ___ Bill Clinton: Hillary needs Texas, Ohio BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) _ Former President Clinton said Wednesday he believes his wife needs victories in the Texas and Ohio primaries next month to save her presidential candidacy. (Washington Post, 21-02-2008)

19. But in later months McCain's gain appeared to come at Giuliani's expense. (Washington Post, 09-01-2008)

20. "I'm sure that the flat Earth society had a few final meetings before they broke up." And Princeton University geosciences professor Michael Oppenheimer said that with the media and many politicians now ignoring the climate skeptics, "they have to get together to talk to each other, because nobody else is talking to them." On a more serious note, Oppenheimer questioned why the conference attendees were not addressing the genuinely muddier aspects of climate science, such as what level of sea rise the world faces and whether methane released from the tundra would exacerbate warming in the years to come. (Washington Post, 04-03-2008)

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