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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. Tests had shown the epoxy's "Fast Set" formulation to be "subject to creep under sustained tension loading," the report said. (Washington Post, 09-08-2007)

2. Police are investigating how many people had collaborated with the 57-year-old, who works in the field of information technology. Officers said that he was loading new material onto his website when they raided his office in central Athens. (Kathimerin, 01-12-2005)

3. No loading or unloading took place at any of Greece’s 12 main ports, including Piraeus, as part of the protest. (Kathimerin, 17-01-2006)

4. Meanwhile, backstage, at precisely 5:15 p.m. Central time, the gate above the loading dock opens and a white van drives past. (Washington Post, 03-09-2008)

5. A long wheelbase, reduced front and rear overhangs, and a wide stance enable increased interior comfort and loading capacity without compromising the fundamental proportions inherent to an SUV, he added. (Arab News, 25-04-2008)

6. Barack Obama and John McCain are turning their undivided attention to the general election this week, loading their schedules with fundraising events that will fuel their campaign through the summer. (Washington Post, 10-06-2008)

7. Federal authorities gave assurances they would not check people's immigration status at evacuation loading zones or inland checkpoints. But residents were skeptical, and there were worries that many illegal immigrants would refuse to board buses and go to shelters for fear of getting arrested and deported. (Washington Post, 10-09-2008)

8. The general gave the Marines a teddy bear -- named Agent 006 1/2 , according to its security badge -- wearing a shirt that said, "Somebody at the CIA Loves Me." From there, it was on to the loading dock to watch the Marines load the toys into their U-Hauls. (Washington Post, 19-12-2007)

9. The fighters are still holding three foreign hostages - two Americans and one Briton - from last month's raids, when their attacks on pipelines and a loading platform forced Shell to cut 455,000 barrels a day output. (Aljazeera, 10-03-2006)

10. The U.S. military said it fired a Hellfire missile in Zahara's neighborhood at that time, targeting men who were seen loading rockets into a sedan. (Washington Post, 23-05-2008)

11. According to information received here, a worker was caught taking a short break after loading a dump truck with sand. The supervisor, an Egyptian national, began physically assaulting the worker and so Parambil intervened on his colleague’s behalf. (Arab News, 28-07-2008)

12. Several activist groups credited the administration for requiring that most of the progress be made in the first five years, rather than back-loading the schedule. But the Union of Concerned Scientists, an environmental nonprofit group, raised concerns that the increase in annual targets tapers off to less than 1 mile per gallon in the final years. (Washington Post, 23-04-2008)

13. Since Forcados suspended loading, several oil flow stations and pipelines have been blown up by the militants, and it is not clear how long it will take the company to restore production if the security situation improves. (Aljazeera, 06-03-2006)

14. About 40 people in each tram were stuck, as were another 100 at the top of the arch and others in loading zones. At least two people needed medical attention, the St. (Washington Post, 23-07-2007)

15. On Wednesday, Moscow responded by loading 30 reporters, photographers and cameramen into the back of an open-top truck and driving them north from the Russian-controlled Georgian city of Gori to South Ossetia. (Washington Post, 22-08-2008)

16. He bought too-large tennis shoes at a thrift store so no bloody footprints would lead police to him. He wiped down shotgun shells before loading them so there'd be no fingerprints. (Washington Post, 14-08-2008)

17. One burn required partial amputation of a 5-year-old girl's finger. As a result, Hasbro is recalling all front-loading Easy Bake ovens sold since May 2006, even those that were repaired with the free kit distributed after the February recall. (Washington Post, 19-07-2007)

18. Police said the suspect struck a security guard who was loading a Eurobank cash machine at the supermarket. (Kathimerin, 18-11-2006)

19. The loading took eight hours because of unusual trouble attaching the pylon on the right side of the plane -- the one with the dummy warheads. By 5:12 p.m., the B-52 was fully loaded. (Washington Post, 24-09-2007)

20. "Pipelines, loading points, export tankers, tank farms, refined petroleum depots, landing strips and residences of employees of these companies can expect to be attacked. (Aljazeera, 18-01-2006)

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