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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. Can John McCain somehow mollify all those angry conservatives? (Washington Post, 08-02-2008)

2. Since McCain's emergence as the likely Republican nominee, he has faced pressure from Bopp and others to clarify his vision for future Supreme Court appointments and mollify concerns that campaign finance would become a litmus test for judicial appointments. (Washington Post, 05-03-2008)

3. Julie Javellana-Santos, Arab News MANILA, 17 April 2006 — Crime victims were outraged while death row inmates rejoiced yesterday as President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that she was commuting death sentences to life imprisonment — a move that could save about 1,200 convicts of “heinous crimes.” In an Easter announcement apparently intended to mollify critical leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, Arroyo said the death sentence would be commuted to life in prison, but did not say whether she would move to legally abolish the death penalty, which has not been carried out in the Philippines since 2000. (Arab News, 17-04-2006)

4. Draft constitution Iraq's president said on Monday, he and the other top Kurdish leader had agreed to changes in the draft constitution to mollify concerns among Arab countries that the wording in the charter loosened Iraqi ties to the Arab world. (Aljazeera, 06-09-2005)

5. The announcement was widely seen as an attempt to mollify Russian opposition to the U.S. plan. (Washington Post, 25-10-2007)

6. In Bush's18-minute address Oval Office address Thursday night, he sought to mollify war opponents by ordering U.S. troop levels to drop gradually to a point they were already slated to reach. (Washington Post, 14-09-2007)

7. As far as the South Korean and U.S. governments are concerned, a senior government official said, "the beef issue has already been resolved." South Korean and U.S. trade officials in late June reworked the beef deal to mollify a South Korean public that said the government was putting its health at risk by importing the meat. (Washington Post, 03-07-2008)

8. The United Nations mission in Afghanistan called for a thorough investigation to help mollify the public. “Clearly a tragedy has happened. (Arab News, 30-05-2006)

9. Paulson Jr. went to Capitol Hill in an effort to mollify House Republicans concerned that the Bush administration's plan to prop up mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could lead to a taxpayer bailout. (Washington Post, 17-07-2008)

10. Obama is trying to build walls of opportunity." Yet others, while staunchly backing Obama's candidacy, remain alarmed by his avoidance of all things racial as he seeks to mollify the white voters needed for victory. (Washington Post, 29-08-2008)

11. Mukasey tried to mollify Democrats by saying in a letter earlier this week that he found the technique personally "repugnant," but he reiterated that he could not determine whether it is illegal without being privy to classified details. (Washington Post, 02-11-2007)

12. Sharon has tried to mollify Likud's hard-core of rightists by vowing that Israel will never give up large settlement blocs in the West Bank, where 245,000 Jews live isolated from 2.4 million Palestinians. (Aljazeera, 27-09-2005)

13. As a way to mollify the Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic party, the House leadership asked Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers to hold hearings on President Bush. (Washington Post, 25-07-2008)

14. Britain's U.N. ambassador, Emyr Jones Parry, said co-sponsors toned down the language to try to mollify African countries that had strongly opposed a previous draft. (Washington Post, 25-07-2007)

15. McCain, who is viewed with suspicion among many gun owners because of his efforts to reform campaign finance laws and his decade-long battle with the NRA over background checks at gun shows, sought to mollify his conservative critics by declaring fealty to the Second Amendment. (Washington Post, 17-05-2008)

16. Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten has apologised for the cartoons published last September and the Danish government has tried to mollify Muslims without apologising for the newspaper. (Aljazeera, 10-02-2006)

17. This time, Pelosi was in no mood to mollify Dingell. (Washington Post, 09-07-2007)

18. Initial successes could mollify Washington and buy the government time to work out what to do next. (Washington Post, 29-04-2008)

19. In an effort to mollify Sunni Arabs, the US military announced on Saturday that nearly 1000 security detainees had been let out of Abu Ghraib prison the past several days. (Aljazeera, 27-08-2005)

20. It has asked the United States to renegotiate the deal to fully open the local market to U.S. beef and delayed resuming imports to mollify a public concerned about the product's safety. (Washington Post, 03-06-2008)

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