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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. In recent months, many of the shopping malls have begun to pamper "family shoppers" with larger parking squares. "In Sweden and in Central Europe, for years now there have also been special places marked out for women drivers", adds Leppänen. (Helsingin Sanomat, 13-09-2005)

2. The problem was further aggravated by the fact that maids looking after children pamper them with sweets and carbonated beverages at shops and supermarkets. With parents not minding their children, they develop bad habits that become firmly ingrained as they grow up. (Arab News, 12-03-2007)

3. Even with her tight schedule yesterday, she managed to pamper herself with a spa service in Shangri La Hotel in Mactan island resort, saying this was one way of slowing down. (Arab News, 12-08-2006)

4. "Violence is harmful to children, so is pampering." Al-Marzoue added that divorced parents are more likely to pamper their children in an attempt to buy their allegiances against the ex-spouse. (Arab News, 30-09-2006)

5. He's a bachelor, a wealthy rice and pulses trader who comes from the outskirts of the capital to do business and, during a break, pamper himself as temperatures outside soar over 100 degrees. Many monsoon treatments target limp locks, frizzy mushroom hair, split ends and dandruff, which some hair ambassadors here blame on the intense moisture in the air during the muggy monsoons. (Washington Post, 17-07-2007)

6. Some will pamper their children. For example if it’s a boy then the father would buy him a car at a very young age, give him lots of money and simply spoil him, leaving the mother to deal with the problems,” she said. “The Saudi single mother’s troubles are doubled if she’s raising a teenage boy, because she won’t even be able to visit his school without causing him unbearable embarrassment. (Arab News, 29-01-2008)

7. All-India Trade Union Congress leader Gurudas Das Gupta said millions of workers, including some in Indias fast-growing telecoms industry, were off work and would "make the strike a big success." "The agitation will be a warning to the government ... not to pamper the corporates and speculators, both domestic and foreign, at the cost of the rights and livelihoods of the toiling people," a union statement said. (Arab News, 21-08-2008)

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