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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. Cota's job was to pilot the ship out of the bay, when Sun would take over. (Washington Post, 05-04-2008)

2. Once finalized, the stockpiling deal will give the UAE a marketing gateway to Northeast Asia, one of the fastest growing markets for oil consumption, Sun said. (Arab News, 14-05-2006)

3. Whenever the level of violence spikes, Baghdad looks as if it is under permanent curfew – a city deserted and parched under the summer sun. (Aljazeera, 24-09-2006)

4. В· Daryl Hannah showing up early in Denver to check out the booths at the Green Frontier Fest (zero-energy homes of tomorrow, raw-food ravioli, organic cotton sheets, pizzas cooked by the sun). (Washington Post, 26-08-2008)

5. Deputy Labor Minister Gerasimos Giakoumatos said that each company should protect, in particular, employees with health problems and those working out in the sun. (Kathimerin, 29-06-2005)

6. One of the pieces of equipment that Walheim and Love will install is an observatory to monitor the sun. (Washington Post, 15-02-2008)

7. Sun Bigan, China's special envoy to the Middle East, said Beijing sought a "peaceful settlement rather than resorting to force or threatening sanctions". (Aljazeera, 25-08-2006)

8. "Because my grandfather fought we have what we have now, I come every year to give thanks," said 16-year-old student Shotaro Ottata, wearing a rising sun headband. (Aljazeera, 15-08-2005)

9. Some have not returned to their Egyptian homes for several days, opting to sit under the blazing sun with little or no protection. (Arab News, 13-10-2005)

10. The man, his face weathered by a lifetime in the sun, is Alejos Baldemar Flores, and he has been collecting tolls -- $2.31 for cars, 64 cents for pedestrians -- here for 15 years. (Washington Post, 14-12-2007)

11. The idea of a flood is not feasible because at that time the geography of the area would not have made it possible. And if there were a disease then there would be more bodies" Sun Hua, professor of archaeology at Peking UniversityPresumably inspired by the Star Trek style face carvings, the alien theory is given an additional twist by the mysterious abandonment of the city around the year 3000 BCE. (Aljazeera, 13-10-2005)

12. "Especially, the families want the United States to disregard political interests and give more active support to save the 21 innocent lives," said Kim Jung-ja, mother of captive Lee Sun-young. (Washington Post, 31-07-2007)

13. BALTIMORE -- A NASA spacecraft will fly by the planet Mercury on Monday, the first visit to the sun's closest neighbor since the 1'70s. (Washington Post, 14-01-2008)

14. Ancient Egyptians considered Apis Bulls to be incarnations of the city god of Memphis and connected with fertility and the sun-cult. (Washington Post, 06-06-2008)

15. It was also attended by Kim Sun-dong, chairman of the Korea-Saudi Business Council. (Arab News, 29-11-2005)

16. At the space station, meanwhile, astronauts are preparing for a spacewalk Tuesday to inspect a jammed rotary joint needed to turn the starboard set of solar wings toward the sun. (Washington Post, 14-12-2007)

17. The drizzle had merely served to reduce the dust and the atmosphere was bright and partially cloudy. There was a cool breeze blowing across Arafat and due to the potential for direct sun, the authorities had made the decision to turn on the sprinklers early in the morning. (Arab News, 10-01-2006)

18. Comets are considered to be fragile clusters of ice and dust that are rubble left over from the making of the solar system. As they loop around the Sun, the solar heat causes the outer layer of the comet to melt, leaving a trail of dust and water molecules that is reflected in the sun's rays and is seen from Earth as the comet's fiery "tail". (Aljazeera, 17-05-2006)

19. Mira was born billions of years ago as a star similar to our sun but is now a slowly dying "red giant" -- a pulsating, puffed-up star with about the same mass as our sun but 400 times as large. Because of its great size, the gravitational force keeping it together is weak at the edges, allowing the winds created by the fast-moving star to pull matter off and send it back into the tail. (Washington Post, 16-08-2007)

20. After 14 minutes, the 10 satellites were injected into the 635-km polar sun synchronous orbit. It was the launch vehicle’s 12th successful flight and the first in which 10 satellites were placed in orbit in a single launch. (Arab News, 29-04-2008)

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