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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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axiomatic Искать примеры произношения
1. Roger Harrison, Arab News Pasha Bakhtiar JEDDAH, 20 August 2007 It was axiomatic that getting a Swiss banker to talk to anyone not a client is a fiscal oxymoron. (Arab News, 20-08-2007)

2. It seems to be axiomatic that if an individual or an organization tries to improve or preserve something, as well as attracting responsible visitors, the low life will surface and gain some twisted amusement out of destroying it. That phenomenon is not unique to Saudi Arabia; it appears to be part of the human condition. “The ‘Leave No Trace’ program, which is being organized by Supreme Commission for Tourism in coordination with public and private sector organizations, is an internationally recognized program about environmental awareness,” Prince Sultan said recently. (Arab News, 27-07-2005)

3. It is axiomatic, in American thinking at least, that democracies tend not to go to war with one another. (Helsingin Sanomat, 02-08-2005)

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