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1. She felt there had never been a greater cohesion of American allies in the Middle East than in 2008, even if those countries didn't want to be on the front lines supporting the United States publicly. (Washington Post, 10-09-2008)

2. Toure called on the rebels to think about what they were doing, "to weigh all the consequences that this could have on our unity and our cohesion and on the different communities which live in our country". He made the appeal amid media reports that his government was asking neighbouring Algeria to mediate in the dispute. (Aljazeera, 05-06-2006)

3. Khartoum denies promoting the violence. 'Towns burnt' Yoadimnadji said: "These inter-communal clashes, whose victims run into the hundreds, exceed all proportions and throw into peril national cohesion ... . (Aljazeera, 14-11-2006)

4. The study asked men in married or long-term relationships whether they had experienced relationship crises in the past year that were of such intensity that they considered divorce or splitting. The scientists also asked the wives and partners of the men what it was like to live with them, examining levels of affection, cohesion, consensus and satisfaction. (Washington Post, 02-09-2008)

5. Admiral Panayiotis Hinofotis told Kathimerini that Greece had lodged official complaints at various levels and called on NATO to rectify the situation for the sake of “its trustworthiness and cohesion.” Athens is angry that Lt Gen Maurice McFann, the commander of Allied Air Component Command Headquarters in southern Europe, canceled the NATO exercise, due to take place near the Greek island of Aghios Efstratios, after complaints from Turkey. “I emphasize that NATO does not have authority over issues which are controlled by international law, treaties and agreements,” said Hinofotis. (Kathimerin, 01-03-2007)

6. Speaking to reporters Sunday in Baghdad, Rice said she would make the case that much has changed inside Iraq in the last year, owing partly to the additional presence of American troops and also to what she says is growing political cohesion among Iraq's sectarian and ethnic factions. (Washington Post, 21-04-2008)

7. On terrorism, Madani quoted the king as saying: "The terror leaders are trading in terrorism and luring the youth by creating various types of sectarian disturbances to disrupt the social cohesion in the region. (Arab News, 14-08-2007)

8. He said, however, the country's economic and social problems will top the alliance's agenda. Saad said: "Another important challenge is the need to ensure national unity and cohesion, in order to face the serious divisions that have plagued Lebanon after Rafiq al-Hariri's assassination." Aljazeera + Agencies (Aljazeera, 06-06-2005)

9. The plot allegedly involved plans to manufacture and smuggle the component parts of improvised explosive devices on to passenger jets, assemble them on board and then detonate them. Yesterday’s developments coincided with the high profile launch of the government’s Commission on Integration and Cohesion by Ruth Kelly, the secretary of state for communities. (Arab News, 25-08-2006)

10. Administration officials said in advance the report concludes that the Iraqis have failed to pass long-promised laws that the administration has called key to national cohesion and economic recovery, such as legislation that would fairly divide Iraq's oil resources. (Washington Post, 12-07-2007)

11. - The European Parliament Bureau in Athens and the Hellenic Center for European Studies (EKEM) hold a conference titled «50 Years Since the Foundation of the European Union: European Social Model and Employment - Toward a Society of Cohesion and the Future of Europe,» at 7 p.m. at the Tripolis Cultural Center. (Kathimerin, 01-03-2007)

12. The project will cost 10.3 million euros, 75 percent of which will be covered by funds from the European Union’s Cohesion Fund. (Kathimerin, 28-03-2006)

13. He has indicated that stamping out tax evasion will be one of the sources of extra income. “We have made our program public and it is clear where the money will come from,” he told Reuters yesterday. “Greece needs a new development model based on the environment, the nurturing of knowledge and social cohesion,” added the 55-year-old. (Kathimerin, 13-09-2007)

14. Ambrose, who even named one of his books about World War II combat troops "Band of Brothers." Writing in "Citizen Soldiers" of the men who liberated Europe, he noted: "What held them together was not country and flag, but unit cohesion." "I did it because it was expected of me," said 88-year-old Marcel Leschot, of Indianapolis, Ill, a Bronze Star recipient. (Washington Post, 11-11-2007)

15. The Soviet-educated Christofias has sought to dispel concern over the island’s economy and pledged to maintain centrist policies. “Our economic program ... is based on a combination of entrepreneurship and social cohesion,” he told parliament. (Kathimerin, 29-02-2008)

16. The grounds for the ruling are based on a statement by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): “If ever one of you calls his brother: You infidel, one of them shall come out the infidel and bear the onus thereof.” The declaration reiterates that all houses of worship are sacrosanct, including mosques and non-Muslim houses of worship of all faiths and religions. “Therefore,” the declaration states that, “these places of worship may not be attacked, appropriated, or in any other way used as a haven to perpetrate acts in contravention of Shariah.” The declaration rules that certain things and principles should never be forfeited, including, in particular, unity, cohesion, cooperation and solidarity in piety and righteousness. “It is incumbent upon all Muslims to adopt caution and vigilance against all attempts to sow division among them, break their ranks, or incite sedition, strife, and hatred in order to corrupt their divine and spiritual bonds with each other.” The scholars appealed to all Muslim scholars to support the ruling and urged the Muslims of Iraq to adhere to it. “We pray to Almighty God, on this sacred soil and blessed grounds, to protect and preserve the faith of all Muslims, ensure the safety of our homeland, and bring the Arab-Muslim country of Iraq out of its plight, end its trials and tribulations, and reinstate Iraq as a fortress and pillar of the Muslim Ummah in the face of its enemies.” Prominent among the 28 signatories of the declaration are Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Ghafour Al-Samarai, Sheikh Jalaludeen Al-Saghir, Sheikh Dr. (Arab News, 22-10-2006)

17. Undermining unit cohesion was a determining factor when Congress passed the 1''3 law, intended to keep the military from asking recruits their sexual orientation. (Washington Post, 08-07-2008)

18. That "go it alone" approach provided a stark contrast to the well-organized and well-funded conservative movement -- whose cohesion was long admired, privately, by Democratic operatives hoping to build their own independent repository of money, message and electoral muscle. (Washington Post, 16-03-2008)

19. After workers’ pay deal, Karamanlis says ND can bring about cohesion Encouraged by Monday’s agreement between employers and workers over pay raises, the prime minister attempted yesterday to put across a more compassionate side to his labor reforms which, he said, he was determined to carry through. “We are working for a society which is productive and progressive,” said Premier Costas Karamanlis, speaking at the Economist conference in Athens. “A society with more cohesion, solidarity and justice.” Although the government attempted to stay out of the recent conflict between the Federation of Greek Industries (SEV) and the General Confederation of Greek Labor (GSEE), it was dragged into the argument over collective contracts and pay raises. (Kathimerin, 05-04-2006)

20. "We will be very much weaker if we lose ... unity and cohesion," she said. (Washington Post, 14-08-2008)

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