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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. "This is a misinformation campaign, a campaign of lies against Iran and its Jewish community. (Washington Post, 27-12-2007)

2. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) warned that hard times lied ahead for the Muslim community, his companions asked for his advice in such difficult circumstances. (Arab News, 30-01-2007)

3. This year alone, Muslim community leaders have met with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI chief Robert Mueller, said Dan Sutherland, who heads the Department of Homeland Security’s civil rights and civil liberties office. “The momentum will accelerate. (Arab News, 31-08-2005)

4. Since waves of Indian immigrants began arriving in the United States in the late 1'60s, the 2.5 million-strong Indian American community has emerged as one of the country's most educated, successful and assimilated ethnic groups. (Washington Post, 28-10-2007)

5. Her findings will be presented to the Home Secretary Charles Clarke at a summit in London attended by faith groups, community organizations, police and other interested parties on 22 September. “There are no simple answers. (Arab News, 28-08-2005)

6. The angry mob then set ablaze several vehicles parked in the vicinity and also shops belonging to the Muslim community, who later retaliated. (Arab News, 17-03-2006)

7. A sign at the entrance to the site welcomes visitors to the "New Upper" Givat Zeev and promises "exclusive apartments with high building standards." It also guarantees that the company doing the work is one that "observes the Sabbath." That's important, because unlike Givat Zeev's current residents, many of whom are secular, the new community is reserved for the ultra-Orthodox -- the fastest growing segment of Israel's population. (Washington Post, 20-05-2008)

8. Kofi Annan, the secretary-general, said Gambari "will convey a clear message that Myanmar's prospects for improved relations with the international community will depend on tangible progress in restoring democratic freedoms and full respect for human rights". (Aljazeera, 17-05-2006)

9. MARRAKECH, Morocco -- Interpol put five Iranians and a Lebanese man on its most-wanted list Wednesday in connection with a 1''4 bombing that killed 85 people at a Jewish community center in Argentina. (Washington Post, 07-11-2007)

10. On Tuesday morning, a couple members of a local Aboriginal community who were out shooting spotted Rosmulder about 6 miles from his camp. (Washington Post, 30-07-2008)

11. "There's the narrative of the African American church community that understands what has happened, that knows record and his legacy. (Washington Post, 18-03-2008)

12. Khalilzad said that the US is very pleased with the unanimous vote, adding, "It shows that the international community is united on this issue." He said, everyone agreed on the issue of Irans right to pursue nuclear power for peaceful purposes and the US has repeatedly stated the desire to work with Iran to find a solution on the issue of nuclear fuel. (Arab News, 29-09-2008)

13. "Someone has to take responsibility." Kim "Zoya" Bo-ja, 63, is moving but worries about leaving her children and grandchildren, and about who will lead the Korean music ensemble she has directed in an effort to teach the community about its roots. (Washington Post, 10-11-2007)

14. He said the central government has offered the Krishna community several sites where they could relocate. (Washington Post, 25-07-2007)

15. The South African Press Association reported that around 300 foreigners had flocked to a community hall on Saturday, seeking safety after attacks broke out in a township in another part of Johannesburg called Thokoza. (Washington Post, 18-05-2008)

16. That move reflected the eagerness of much of the local Aberdeen business community to proceed with Trump's economy-charging project. (Washington Post, 07-12-2007)

17. The second half of the debate was less personal, and Obama even allowed that former President Clinton had earned his enormous affinity in the black community when he was asked if Clinton deserved his title as the "first black president." "I have to say that, I would have to investigate more of Bill's dancing abilities and some of this other stuff before I accurately judge whether he was in fact a brother," Obama said. (Washington Post, 22-01-2008)

18. The committee vote Monday followed investigations into a range of anti-terrorism activities pursued by the international community over the past eight years. (Washington Post, 12-11-2007)

19. Literally.” Essaf, an Indian living in Jeddah, said there were loan sharks in the community but he personally had never taken a loan because it is “riba” or usury. (In Islam interest is forbidden). “My friends have taken loans and the interest rates are very high, I have heard of rates as high as SR200 a day,” he said. (Arab News, 31-10-2006)

20. A U.N. report said Saturday that emergency relief from the international community had reached an estimated 500,000 people. (Washington Post, 18-05-2008)

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