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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. European Union foreign ministers said the arrest helped Serbia's bid for EU membership, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called it a "historic moment." "The victims need to know: Massive human rights violations do not go unpunished," she said in Berlin. (Washington Post, 23-07-2008)

2. Radio Damascus on Monday reaffirmed that Syria was prepared to cooperate fully with the UN inquiry led by German prosecutor Detlev Mehlis but also seethed over continued accusations that it was implicated in the assassination of al-Hariri. (Aljazeera, 05-09-2005)

3. German P. (Arab News, 13-12-2006)

4. Meanwhile in the next few weeks, a ferry from the German government aimed at tourists is due to arrive to ply the route between Dili and nearby Atauro island - slated as a potential eco-tourism destination - and the Oecussi-Ambeno enclave, according to the vice minister. (Aljazeera, 02-05-2006)

5. Almost even Neither candidate appeared to land the kind of telling blow that Schroeder did in a 2002 debate against then-challenger Edmund Stoiber, whom he flummoxed with a direct question about whether Stoiber would send German troops to Iraq. (Aljazeera, 05-09-2005)

6. They want to blame any political change in our system on globalization and are outside the democratic consensus that we had until now." Also dogging the Left are persistent allegations and evidence that some of its leaders were friendly with the Stasi, the dreaded East German secret police. (Washington Post, 16-03-2008)

7. To tomorrow. Friday German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Athens. (Kathimerin, 16-07-2007)

8. BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives appeared on track to retain power in an election in the northern city-state of Hamburg on Sunday which also delivered gains for a new far-left party. (Washington Post, 24-02-2008)

9. "We left with our heads held high after the German game and we always expect to score goals," said the in-form striker. (Aljazeera, 15-06-2006)

10. Lehman is one of Wall Street's oldest names, tracing its roots to a general store opened in Alabama in 1844 by German immigrant Henry Lehman. (Washington Post, 10-09-2008)

11. Morgan, a former Post reporter who specialized in agriculture, is a contract writer of the newspaper and a fellow with the German Marshall Fund, a nonpartisan public policy institution. (Washington Post, 28-09-2007)

12. Zagorianos is due to meet with his German and Swiss counterparts in early September in a bid to gather more information about the case. (Kathimerin, 21-08-2008)

13. Suleiman, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan all expressed hope separately Saturday that the summit would increase chances for stability in the region. (Washington Post, 12-07-2008)

14. "If it hadn't been for the airlift, probably there would have been no German-American friendship, because America would have left." Instead Americans stayed. (Washington Post, 22-06-2008)

15. The lab has endured space station redesigns and slowdowns, as well as a number of shuttle postponements and two shuttle accidents. Atlantis' commander, Stephen Frick, and his U.S., German and French crew will begin installing Columbus on Sunday. (Washington Post, 08-02-2008)

16. This has offset what Germany lacks in natural resources.” The catalog show is aimed at highlighting the German engineering and technological expertise for Saudis to be well informed and updated on the latest products Germany offers. (Arab News, 10-12-2007)

17. Sources said that US-based legal firm Debevoise & Plimpton has handed prosecutor Panayiotis Athanassiou documents indicating that 12.8 million euros was paid over the seven-year period either via the German firm’s Greek subsidiary Siemens Hellas or via a complicated system of foreign bank accounts. (Kathimerin, 01-07-2008)

18. German prosecutors are investigating allegations that Siemens used slush funds to bribe clients. (Kathimerin, 12-12-2006)

19. Next day newspapers say Gama al-Islamiya claimed responsibility. 4 March 1''4: Armed men fire at Nile cruiser in southern Egypt, wounding a German woman tourist, who died after being flown back to Germany. 26 August 1''4: Armed men kill Spanish boy in an attack on a tourist bus in southern Egypt. (Aljazeera, 23-07-2005)

20. Let's face it, it's been our history for some time," he said. Wisconsin's taste for beer can be traced to its German settlers, who opened the first breweries and saw their numbers grow to roughly 400 by the late 1800s. (Washington Post, 17-08-2007)

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