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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. The common perception is that we're not getting terribly good cooperation from similar authorities in Eastern Europe and Russia in particular. (Washington Post, 19-08-2008)

2. Ban has denied that the perception of him as a strong US ally would impede efforts to resolve burning issues such as the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programmes. (Aljazeera, 09-10-2006)

3. The festival organizers have received several recommendations from the commission on the matters to be taken care of when conducting certain events, the director said. He added that the commission members understand the concept behind conducting festivals and that they have their own perception of the events. (Arab News, 11-07-2008)

4. Growing hostility "The American presence itself is something they fear ... the perception of threat is there, because it does mean that in general people are rooting against the US in Iraq," said Telhami. (Aljazeera, 05-12-2005)

5. The issue of civilian casualties is an emotive one in Afghanistan, feeding a common perception international forces do not take enough care when launching air strikes, and undermining support for their continued presence in the country. (Washington Post, 11-07-2008)

6. "What we've had in Bolivia is basically this perception on the part of cocaleros that one cato per family translates into one cato per person," said Eduardo Gamarra, a Bolivian-born expert on the coca industry who teaches Latin American affairs at Miami's Florida International University. (Washington Post, 03-09-2008)

7. My ability to give that assurance has hinged on both the public perception -- and reality -- that the career assistant U.S. attorneys, line prosecutors and lawyers who work at the department are picked on their merits and proceed without regard to politics. (Washington Post, 29-07-2008)

8. Nora Al-Sehli, a resident doctor at the gynecology department at the KAU Hospital, said further awareness needs to be created about breast cancer. “Saudi women are so afraid of being screened for early breast cancer (mammogram),” said Al-Sehli. “They need to break their fear and we should make more efforts to change society’s perception of breast cancer.” According to Susan G. (Arab News, 26-02-2008)

9. The licensing of three Islamic banks owned by GCC investors or operators in Malaysia by Bank Negara, the central bank, may go some way in improving and mitigating this risk perception. (Arab News, 12-09-2005)

10. The last two, and the first one as well if we take it to mean the angels’ place of worship, refers to matters that belong to the realm that lies beyond the reach of human perception. We take everything that belongs to this realm as it is stated without going into details, because God has not chosen to make them known to us. (Arab News, 16-02-2006)

11. We are looking to promote more events in Riyadh so the perception about the capital changes from being just a place for seeking work to a valuable tourist destination and recreational area,” said Abdullah Al-Asheikh, the SCT’s executive manager for development of tourism in Riyadh. (Arab News, 28-10-2006)

12. But what about the battle of perception? The opposition is telling the nation that we are liars and cheats." The accord seeks to end more than three decades of nuclear isolation for India by facilitating its access to nuclear fuel and technology even as it remains outside the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. (Washington Post, 05-09-2008)

13. Al-Arnous, director of external dialogue and international relations at the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, said it is difficult to change the perception of a person at an advanced age, but it is easier to mold someone’s viewpoints at a younger age. “Today’s youths will be the decision-makers of tomorrow and if they know each other better, they can make whole lot of a difference,” said Al-Arnous. (Arab News, 11-01-2009)

14. If you grow up in the mountain West and you grow up in a Mormon community and you send your kids to church and all the kids are going to school where there's mostly Mormons and there's not a lot of drugs and there's not a lot of crime, everybody thinks, 'Oh, being Mormon is just so wonderful.' And to realize that this is a perception that is very provincial." This is the nub of it, really. (Washington Post, 08-02-2008)

15. "There's a popular perception that teens are engaging in serial oral sex as a strategy to avoid vaginal intercourse," said Rachel Jones of the Guttmacher Institute, a private, nonprofit research organization based in New York, who helped conduct the study. (Washington Post, 19-05-2008)

16. "The perception of a narrow power-base risks leading to an erosion of the UN's authority and legitimacy - even, some would argue, its neutrality and independence. (Aljazeera, 17-09-2006)

17. One of them sees only the outer surface of this present life and the other looks at the bonds, laws and rules that are behind things, taking into account not only what we see in our world, but what lies beyond our perception, life and death, the present life and the life to come, and the universe stretching into the limitless. It is to such a great horizon that Islam wants humanity to look up. (Arab News, 14-12-2006)

18. He has full knowledge of all that is beyond the reach of people’s perception.’ (Sheba; Saba’: 34: 46-48) The surah now instructs the Prophet (peace be upon him) to call on them in all sincerity to search for the truth, to distinguish between what is false and what is true, and to assess the situation they are in, free of distortion and fabrication: “Say: I counsel you one thing: stand before God, in pairs or singly, and think: there is no madness in your companion (Muhammad). (Arab News, 24-04-2008)

19. There’s a perception that it doesn’t matter since those teeth are falling out anyway, he said. However, he said that ingraining dental hygiene is important. “Regular visits to the dentists is also important to ensure the child’s proper dental hygiene,” he said. (Arab News, 28-04-2007)

20. It is all the same to them whether you warn them or you do not warn them: they will not believe. You can truly warn only such a one as follows this reminder and who stand in awe of the Lord of Grace although He is beyond the reach of human perception. (Arab News, 12-10-2008)

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