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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. The court's decision, quoting Higazy's account, said Templeton "called Higazy a baby and told him that a nine-year-old could tolerate his pain." Templeton also allegedly told Higazy that if he did not cooperate, the FBI would make his brother "live in scrutiny" and would "make sure that Egyptian security gives family hell," according to the sealed portion of the ruling. (Washington Post, 25-10-2007)

2. The case demonstrates how security companies such as Unity operate in a lawless void in Iraq, with many shooting incidents escaping official or public scrutiny. (Washington Post, 26-11-2007)

3. Nebraska Beef, which continues to operate, had already been under close scrutiny by the U.S. (Washington Post, 11-08-2008)

4. Yet even as those trips have increased in popularity, they have come under increased scrutiny. A growing body of research questions the value of the trips abroad, which are supposed to bring hope and Christianity to the needy of the world, while offering American participants an opportunity to work in disadvantaged communities, develop relationships and charge up their faith. (Washington Post, 05-07-2008)

5. This struggle may take many forms, and although this includes the use of force, it does not necessarily mean war. With regard to perceptions of "forced conversion", the scholars say that the argument that Muslims are commanded to spread their faith "by the sword", or that Islam was largely spread "by the sword", does not hold up to scrutiny. (Aljazeera, 16-10-2006)

6. "Yes, if it's about Obama." That underlines the importance of Obama's visit to Iraq, beginning weeks of scrutiny for the Democratic presidential candidate under a GOP spotlight. (Washington Post, 21-07-2008)

7. China is under intense international scrutiny ahead of the Games, and activists involved with issues including labor rights and the environment are using the run-up to the two-week event as an opportunity to pressure the Communist Party. (Washington Post, 29-01-2008)

8. Thaksin's party, which held a parliamentary majority after sweeping several elections, is under legal scrutiny for alleged violations during a snap election in April. (Aljazeera, 03-10-2006)

9. Their lists run on. Both campaigns insist that all their new proposals are "paid for" through tax increases, closed loopholes, reforms of government contracting and various assumed "savings." It seems doubtful that this claim would survive strict scrutiny. (Washington Post, 13-02-2008)

10. Stevens, the longest-serving Republican senator in history, is under scrutiny from the Justice Department for his ties to an Alaska energy services company, Veco, whose chief executive pleaded guilty in early May to a bribery scheme involving state lawmakers. (Washington Post, 31-07-2007)

11. However, the probe will also focus on allegations that water to the wing in question had been cut off the night the fire broke out, making it impossible for the inmates to put out the blaze. The reaction of the prison guards is under scrutiny as well, given allegations that it took them around half an hour to start putting out the fire after it started. (Kathimerin, 04-04-2006)

12. And as the new kid on the block, he now faces a fierce level of scrutiny. In the space of a few weeks, the Los Angeles Times reported that Thompson had once lobbied for a family-planning group trying to ease abortion restrictions -- a stint that Thompson had initially denied. (Washington Post, 10-09-2007)

13. As a result, he added, they are missing others who should be under scrutiny. Youssef currently oversees a headquarters office involved in the gathering of phone records in counterterrorism cases. (Washington Post, 12-01-2008)

14. The case has been transferred to the scrutiny committee of the court to approve the verdict, said the official. (Arab News, 28-03-2006)

15. "But not as much as we had hoped for or as much as we need."Quantifying the Situation Military officials struggling to quantify improvements in Iraqis' quality of life are wary after the intense scrutiny that security statistics have come under this year. (Washington Post, 30-11-2007)

16. Abdullah Al-Tuwairqi also said that there are several other departments that required scrutiny, including the Ministry of Civil Service and the Control and Investigation Board. (Arab News, 12-07-2008)

17. These arrangements largely escaped public scrutiny until last summer, when California's medical board outraged physicians across the country by abolishing its 27-year-old program. (Washington Post, 18-12-2007)

18. Stevens, 84, one of the Senate's most powerful Republicans, is charged with failing to disclose on the documents that he received more than $250,000 in gifts and extensive renovations to his Girdwood, Alaska home, which he called the "Chalet." Prosecutors have said Stevens hoped to avoid public scrutiny of his ties to the head of an oil services company, Veco, who allegedly was funding some of the improvements. (Washington Post, 25-09-2008)

19. "At some point people recognize that 'I'm not going on a first date with this fellow, I'm marrying them.'" She said voters may regret not applying such tough scrutiny to George W. (Washington Post, 09-01-2008)

20. Virtually unknown nationally a week ago, Palin has faced heavy scrutiny relating to her tenure as mayor of tiny Wasilla, Alaska, and her 20 months as governor of the sparsely populated state. (Washington Post, 05-09-2008)

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