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Словарь примеров употребления в прессе (Английский)

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1. Awale is lucky _ she eventually received plastic sheeting from an aid agency to use as a roof. Her neighbors use lengths of sodden fabric strung over twigs, huddling together for warmth in the mud. (Washington Post, 20-11-2007)

2. This included tents and plastic sheeting. "We have to build structures to isolate the patients," said Pascale Zintzen, a spokeswoman for MSF in Kinshasa. (Washington Post, 12-09-2007)

3. Nationalities of the foreigners arrested will not be revealed until the countries of their origins are notified, he added. Saudi TV yesterday showed undated footage of agents digging in desert areas and inside buildings bringing out weapons wrapped in plastic sheeting, including grenade launchers, plastic explosives, ammunition cartridges, handguns and rifles. (Arab News, 28-04-2007)

4. But Horsey predicted the number of fatalities could rise "dramatically." Aid workers started distributing water purification tablets, mosquito nets, plastic sheeting and basic medical supplies. (Washington Post, 07-05-2008)

5. Police have raided several shops and houses in LeedsTwo investigators, wearing white protective suits, could be seen inside the store before officers covered the windows with gray plastic sheeting. (Aljazeera, 21-07-2005)

6. The city's main market lay mostly in ruins and stall holders picked through the wreckage left by explosions and looting. Clothes and shoe seller Mbdou Abderamane and his brothers dismantled twisted corrugated roof sheeting from his stall. (Washington Post, 08-02-2008)

7. The government was also mobilizing food, clothes, tents and plastic sheeting for the victims and sent Premier Wen Jiabao to oversee relief efforts. (Washington Post, 14-05-2008)

8. After three weeks, though, they decided they had to escape. The house was under construction, and some walls were just plastic sheeting. (Arab News, 19-02-2007)

9. A statement from press secretary Dana Perino said the USS Essex and the USS Kearsage are en route to Bangladesh to help and that the U.S. will airlift 35 tons of non-food items such as plastic sheeting, jerricans, hygiene kits and other supplies. (Washington Post, 18-11-2007)

10. "We need distribution channels." In New York, Rashid Khalikov, director of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said storm victims need plastic sheeting, mosquito nets, water purification and cooking kits, and food. (Washington Post, 07-05-2008)

11. Even calling them shacks is generous - they are sticks of wood lashed together in the dirt, the lavish ones covered with plastic sheeting. A lone red flag flying atop a piece of bamboo indicates that this is a camp of the landless farmers' movement, the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), which has been campaigning for agrarian reform and more equitable land distribution in Brazil. (Aljazeera, 29-03-2006)

12. Construction thefts Police arrested three men in Menidi, western Athens, yesterday after they allegedly stole aluminum sheeting and copper pipes worth several thousand euros from apartment buildings being built. (Kathimerin, 13-06-2006)

13. She said that hygiene kits, plastic sheeting and water jugs for up to 5,000 families were expected to arrive Thursday but that the biggest problem is reaching victims. (Washington Post, 05-09-2008)

14. If the U.S. government "does not wish to do this on a permanent basis," the statement said, Cuba "requests that it authorize this for the next six months, particularly taking into account the damage caused by hurricanes Gustav and Ike, and that the most dangerous months of the hurricane season are yet to come." Fore said the U.S. offer involved sending an immediate planeload of $348,000 worth of plastic sheeting, blankets and personal hygiene kits for the Cuban government to distribute, with other flights to follow. (Washington Post, 16-09-2008)

15. Lawyer Ahmad Reza Kasuri told Arab News that after charge-sheeting the chief justice, the president can remove him. (Arab News, 10-03-2007)

16. In a website statement, the UNHCR said: "An airlift currently being arranged will deliver lightweight tents, blankets, jerry cans, mattresses and plastic sheeting from our regional warehouse in Jordan." Shortages The Sahrawi Red Crescent said the situation was worsening, and urged donors and international organisations to speed up their efforts as food stocks dwindled. (Aljazeera, 15-02-2006)

17. Piles of trash litter the site, spilling out from a clutch of school buildings into surrounding fields. At the largest camp, Pearathuweli, also near Kantare, some 14,000 people live under tarpaulins, plastic sheeting and any other shelter they can find. (Aljazeera, 09-08-2006)

18. "The biggest challenge of course is that we are all out of proportion with our resources, with our capacity in relation to the dimensions of the problem," Guterres said on Saturday during a visit to one of the camps, where displaced families huddle beneath shelters improvised from plastic sheeting. (Washington Post, 16-12-2007)

19. And even though the strongest homes sometimes can't survive every disaster, it isn't stopping some builders from trying to construct an indestructible home. Pensacola developer and builder Philip Russell uses special hurricane nails, marine-treated exterior plywood sheeting, impact-resistant windows and ultra-strong concrete. (Washington Post, 29-08-2008)

20. "We know that it's several hundred thousand needing shelter and clean drinking water, but how many hundred thousand we just don't know." CRITICAL The U.N. office in Yangon said there was an urgent need for plastic sheeting, water purification tablets, cooking equipment, mosquito nets, health kits and food. (Washington Post, 05-05-2008)

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