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1. He added that one of the demands raised at the meeting was to encourage tolerance through textbooks. Along with the preparatory meeting the center organized two other events — one for teachers and the other for students. (Arab News, 12-09-2006)

2. "I very much hope that you can come up with specific, concrete suggestions for ways of carrying dialogue forward so that it can really catch the popular imagination, so that we are not just a nice group of people agreeing with each other, but people with a message that can echo around the world." Ideology of tolerance He said world figures, especially artists, entertainers and sports champions, must promote the ideology of tolerance and understanding between cultures among youth before they are swayed by extremists. (Aljazeera, 26-02-2006)

3. In fact, Tucson is emerging as the battleground for Operation Streamline's "zero tolerance" concept, presenting a case study of the challenges in ramping up the nation's legal machinery to tackle the estimated 1 million-plus people a year who cross the border illegally or overstay their visas. (Washington Post, 02-06-2008)

4. Religion is about tolerance, religion is not about incitement. is not going to be allowed. (Washington Post, 13-05-2008)

5. A segment that aired this season shows the religious police harassing a group of young men playing an innocent game of cards drinking non-alcoholic beer and then, disappointed that no moral infraction was found, haul the young men off to the barbershop. “Tash 14” (which translates roughly as “Slipped Away, season 14”) has received considerable media attention this year for testing the Saudi public’s tolerance for self-parody, especially in reference to the touchier subjects of religious extremism and, in the case of this clip that never aired, the religious police. (Arab News, 23-10-2006)

6. It also works to promote a culture of tolerance and settles disputes among families and individuals. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal is its current chairman. (Arab News, 16-07-2007)

7. The king added: "This human being is also capable, with the help of God, in defeating hatred with love, intolerance with tolerance and make all of humanity enjoy the benefits of mutual respect...Our dialogue will be a success of faith against atheism, of virtue against vice, of justice against injustice, of peace against conflicts and wars, and of human brotherhood against racism." More than 300 delegates attended the global gathering, which was aimed at bringing Muslims, Christians, Jews and followers of other faiths closer together. (Arab News, 23-09-2008)

8. "For a woman to walk around on the streets completely covered is an insult to everyone who believes in equal rights." The Dutch may have been among the first to legalise cannabis, prostitution and euthanasia, earning them a reputation for tolerance, but they are now in the process of imposing some of Europe's toughest entry and integration laws. (Aljazeera, 10-03-2006)

9. The government said in comment carried by the state news agency that the verdict would be respected. "We will prove to the world that we abide by the law and constitution and believe in tolerance and fairness," an unidentified government spokesman told the news agency. (Washington Post, 23-08-2007)

10. Those who preached tolerance or voiced more technocratic concerns found themselves at the bottom of lists. United Iraqi Alliance leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, for example, would place politicians who toed a Shiite chauvinist line ahead of, say, moderates who sought national reconciliation. (Washington Post, 09-06-2008)

11. Court hearing A spokesman for the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, an international Jewish human rights group behind the Museum of Tolerance, said the court would hear the appeal next week. (Aljazeera, 09-02-2006)

12. Religious tolerance would be a shallow principle indeed if it were reserved only for faiths with which we agree. There are some who would have a presidential candidate describe and explain his church's distinctive doctrines. (Washington Post, 06-12-2007)

13. Unfortunately (Straw’s) visit has not contributed to a climate of boosting cooperation and tolerance between Greek and Turkish Cypriots,” Papandreou told reporters after the talks. (Kathimerin, 30-01-2006)

14. Many Bahrainis and at least one local rights group have said Nonoo's nomination was a public relations exercise to highlight Sunni-ruled Bahrain's tolerance of minorities. (Washington Post, 08-06-2008)

15. Further attacks Santoro's murder led to public outrage in Muslim-majority, secular Turkey, which is seeking to join the European Union and has always prided itself for its religious tolerance. (Aljazeera, 10-10-2006)

16. They found that the mayor's zero-tolerance approach to crime was responsible for 10 percent, maybe 20 percent, at most, of the decline in violent crime in New York City. (Washington Post, 09-07-2007)

17. "The days of officially preached religious tolerance during Saddam's rule are gone and freedom to worship now gives way to fear about an impending Islamisation of Iraq," a United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) study of Iraqi Christians said in 2004. (Aljazeera, 14-05-2006)

18. As garbage piled up on Athens streets yesterday on the third day of a walkout by staff at Attica’s only landfill, Deputy Public Works Minister Themistoklis Xanthopoulos appealed for tolerance from those living close to the overburdened dump as a solution was just weeks away. (Kathimerin, 30-09-2005)

19. Jordanians “have to agree on zero-tolerance to terrorism,” he added. He also said that “overwhelming majority” of Jordan’s Islamic movement, namely the Muslim Brotherhood and the IAF which is its political branch with 17 MPs in the 110-seat Parliament, “are moderate, peace-loving people.” Asked if he was planning on redefining his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, King Abdullah said: “They have to redefine their relationship with us.” “They have been working in the grey area for the past decades,” he said. “I believe that the majority of the Brotherhood wants a good future for this country, and a good future for their children. (Arab News, 20-06-2006)

20. And they have to stop it. The world has to have zero tolerance for naked dictatorship," she said. (Washington Post, 10-11-2007)

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