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Winston donated it to the Smithsonian after years of assiduous courting by Dr. (Washington Post, 2008-03-27)
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"They don't lay down easy." Stevens, 83, and Young, 74, are both known for their outbursts of temper as well as their assiduous attention to the state's needs. (Washington Post, 2007-08-17)
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Kennedy Human Rights Award today for his assiduous work in Darfur, where he provides medical care and assists survivors of torture and violence. (Washington Post, 2007-11-16)
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Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is counting on the foundation she and her husband built in this state over the past decade and a half, forged around Bill Clinton's "comeback kid" finish in the 1''2 Democratic primary and years of assiduous tending to their relationship with New Hampshire voters. (Washington Post, 2007-12-16)

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