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In a recent field study, it showed that currently Jeddah needs 45 thousand housing units to face the large increase in population in the next seven years. (Arab News, 2005-08-11)
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According to the Al-Watan newspaper, the Ministry of Education is currently carrying out a field study and asking schools to provide details of abuse cases that they have dealt with in the past four years. (Arab News, 2008-02-25)
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He said the foundation was established five years ago to provide decent housing for the country’s poor. He has conducted a field study on the living conditions of the poor in various parts of the country with the support of a team of experts. (Arab News, 2008-05-29)
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The chamber of commerce aims to develop the contribution of women in the labor market, stressing that the experience in this area provides the appropriate atmosphere for the success of joint cooperation between the two sides. The training program aims to qualify female participants and provide skills needed to launch their own small home-based business by preparing them with a clear idea of the project and how to conduct field study of the market. (Arab News, 2007-09-10)

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