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One of the biggest hygienic risks involved with this practice are barbers — seeking to save a little money — using the same blades on different people. Blades can create nicks, nicks can bleed, blood can contain viruses and viruses can be transferred from one nick to another: from an infected person to a non-infected person. (Arab News, 2007-12-21)
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Singer Stevie Nicks is 60. (Washington Post, 2008-05-26)
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"It looked very, very clean," he said, meaning no heat shield nicks were visible. (Washington Post, 2007-08-10)
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Doctors are rightfully outraged. Not only are some of these barbers using the same blade on multiple customers, but in the mad rush to shave heads and make as much money as possible, the risk of razor nicks (and therefore transmission of blood-borne infections like hepatitis and HIV) is greater. “Since they do their job in a hurry they cause bleeding to pilgrims. (Arab News, 2007-12-21)

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