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The proxy fight over the Iraq war grew more crowded yesterday with the launch of Freedom's Watch, a lobbying group that will mount a $15 million advertising and grass-roots campaign to maintain Republican support for President Bush's policies. (Washington Post, 2007-08-23)
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Louis company this month has sparked a struggle over one of the country's most iconic brands. In Washington, each side is in search of influential allies to help sway public opinion -- a factor potentially important in a proxy fight -- and enlist the aid of lawmakers, or at least blunt their opposition. (Washington Post, 2008-06-28)
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Wilson (N.M.), facing her fellow Republicans on the floor yesterday, pleaded: "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Most of the Republicans who opposed the bill -- which would spend $35 billion to give health insurance to 4 million more low-income children -- did so gingerly, calling it a "proxy fight" over socialized medicine. (Washington Post, 2007-09-26)

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