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dismiss Искать примеры произношения
v. the ruling by a judge that all or a portion (one or more of the causes of action) of the plaintiff's lawsuit is terminated (thrown out) at that point without further evidence or testimony. This judgment may be made before, during or at the end of a trial, when the judge becomes convinced that the plaintiff has not and cannot prove his/her/its case. This can be based on the complaint failing to allege a cause of action, on a motion for summary judgment, plaintiff's opening statement of what will be proved, or on some development in the evidence by either side which bars judgment for the plaintiff. The judge may dismiss on his own or upon motion by the defendant. The plaintiff may voluntarily dismiss a cause of action before or during trial if the case is settled, if it is not provable or trial strategy dictates getting rid of a weak claim. A defendant may be "dismissed" from a lawsuit, meaning the suit is dropped against that party. See also: dismissal

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Примеры употребления слова "Dismiss" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   However, at this level the margins are small, and Nieminen has shown that on a good day he can also dismiss top 10 players. (Helsingin Sanomat, 2005-09-07)

2.   "I categorically dismiss the idea that Karelia would be a bottomless money pit", Lahti said. (Helsingin Sanomat, 2005-08-25)

3.   Foxconn, a Taiwan-owned manufacturer of plastic components for mobile telephones, plans to dismiss about 300 of its regular employees. (Helsingin Sanomat, 2005-08-23)

4.   Seeing them as enemies of society and as terrorists represented an image of the enemy, which was based on a new and strange phenomenon." Pirita Juppi, who wrote a doctoral thesis on the handling of the animal rights movement in newspapers in the 1''0s, says that the movement was easy to dismiss, because the idea that individual animals might enjoy rights was foreign to politics. (Helsingin Sanomat, 2005-06-14)

5.   Justice Minister Sotiris Hatzigakis was quick to dismiss as “illegal” the two marriages – of a lesbian couple and a pair of gay men – that Mayor Tassos Aliferis conducted in the island’s town hall early yesterday morning. “There is no legal framework providing for same-sex marriages in Greece,” said Hatzigakis, adding that the local mayor had “arbitrarily” overstepped his authority. (Kathimerin, 2008-06-05)

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