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nigh Искать примеры произношения


общая лексика


короткий (о пути)

близкий, ближний

поэтическое выражение



устаревшее выражение


левый (о лошади в упряжке, колесе и т. п.)


общая лексика


поэтическое выражение




поэтическое выражение




поэтическое выражение



nigh by Искать примеры произношения

поэтическое выражение

см. near by

nigh hand Искать примеры произношения



well-nigh Искать примеры произношения


возвышенное выражение


come nigh Искать примеры произношения
подойти поближе
well nigh dead Искать примеры произношения
the hour is nigh Искать примеры произношения
близок час
night is drawing nigh Искать примеры произношения
приближается ночь
sick nigh into death Искать примеры произношения
при смерти
he is nigh death Искать примеры произношения
он при смерти
winter is nigh at hand Искать примеры произношения
зима на носу
to come nigh unto smth. Искать примеры произношения
приблизиться к чему-л.
to be nigh unto smth. Искать примеры произношения
находиться около чего-л.
nigh out of his wits Искать примеры произношения
чуть не сошёл с ума
nigh at hand Искать примеры произношения
очень близко, совсем рядом, под рукой

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Примеры употребления слова "Nigh" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   Merkel would probably still become Germany's first woman chancellor, but her political end was nigh because she had failed even to better the losing share of the vote achieved by 2002 conservative challenger Edmund Stoiber, it added. (Aljazeera, 2005-09-19)

2.   Sales of four-wheel-drives in North America and Europe have been crippled by soaring fuel prices, with some saying the vehicle's demise as a family car is nigh. (Aljazeera, 2005-11-14)

3.   In all of these countries the markets do not operate as classical markets but as interventionist conduits and tools; and where alternative management of the markets as a political choice, is nigh impossible. Over the last two years GIC (the Singapore Government Investment arm) and a Saudi SWF have invested just under $10 billion in UBS; Temasek (another state-run Singapore investment company run by Ho Ching, the wife of the Singapore prime minister) owns about $8.5 billion in Standard Chartered Bank; the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) has a $7.5 billion stake in Citigroup; Dubai International Capital has a substantial stake in HSBC; Merril Lynch is in advanced talks with Temasek to inject $5 billion in the troubled bank; Istithmar (the investment arm of the UAE ruling families) has a $1 billion stake in Standard Chartered; China development Bank has a 3.1 percent stake in Barclays valued at $3.1 billion; Citic recently bought a 6 percent stake valued at $1 billion in Bear Stearns; China Investment Corporation has a $3 billion stake in Blackstone; Dubai Group and Qatar Investment Authority own stakes in the London Stock Exchange; and DIFC owns a stake in Deutsche Bank. (Arab News, 2008-01-14)

4.   So he waved his robe and shouted: the enemy is nigh; the enemy is nigh.’” In another Hadith, the Prophet is quoted as saying: “I was sent with my message at the approach of the Last Hour: it could have almost been ahead of me.” That was the first note: powerful and inspiring. (Arab News, 2008-04-24)

5.   Breyer took 30 pages to say "history and precedent'' made the outcome "well nigh conclusive.'' But Chief Justice John G. (Washington Post, 2008-06-24)

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