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общая лексика

через поверенного


per power of attorney

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Примеры употребления слова "Ppa" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   The Saudis, many of them above the age of 60, were among the large number that had approached the Public Pension Agency (PPA) in cities across the Kingdom to partake in the “Masakin” program that was announced several weeks ago. (Arab News, 2007-07-25)

2.   The PPA has signed a deal with Riyad Bank to offer government employees funds to buy homes on lease. (Arab News, 2007-07-25)

3.   A five percent interest charge per year is applied to the amount financed. Yahya Majrashi, a retired government employee, said he was surprised to learn that the conditions set by the government agency were only applicable to some retired government employees and not everyone. “I came to the PPA office here hoping that I would receive finance for my future home but was later told that it only applies to government employees, whose income is above SR5,000... (Arab News, 2007-07-25)

4.   Another government employee who arrived at the PPA office in Riyadh was disappointed to learn that applicants were to ensure they have no bank loans in their names. “The conditions are not practical at all. (Arab News, 2007-07-25)

5.   Muhammad Al-Harthi, another government employee, called on the PPA to reconsider its conditions. (Arab News, 2007-07-25)

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