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flaunt Искать примеры произношения


общая лексика


гордо развеваться (о знамёнах, плюмажах)


выставлять себя напоказ



гордо развеваться (о знаменах)

выставлять (себя) напоказ, рисоваться



to flaunt regulations Искать примеры произношения
нарушать устав
to flaunt one's wealth Искать примеры произношения
похваляться своим богатством
to flaunt advanced opinions Искать примеры произношения
щеголять передовыми идеями

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Примеры употребления слова "flaunt" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   Iraq continues to flaunt its hostility toward America and to support terror. (Aljazeera, 2006-06-05)

2.   Offers to resistance Abbas has been trying to co-opt the resistance fighters, offering them employment in the security services and urging them not to flaunt their weapons in public. (Aljazeera, 2005-09-03)

3.   Djebar becomes one of 40 members permitted to flaunt the green embroidered jackets, two-pointed hats and swords of France's most prestigious club. (Aljazeera, 2005-06-18)

4.   Social position is another reason that men choose to marry younger women. Men feel that their social status will change if they have a young wife to flaunt, Badawi said. (Arab News, 2005-09-21)

5.   The decision showed how closely interest groups tie their donations to the actions they hope lawmakers will take on their behalf -- a connection lobbyists do not want to flaunt for fear of legal and political repercussions. "This highly visible carrot-and-stick approach to the use of PAC contributions displays a disquieting nexus between lobbying and political contributions," said Kenneth A. (Washington Post, 2008-05-06)

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