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Примеры употребления слова "shop assistant" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   "We heard an explosion, people began to scream and ran to the other exit of the mall," Laura, a shop assistant at the Kenyon Hasharon mall told Israeli army radio. (Aljazeera, 2005-07-12)

2.   The parade should have ended before night as there are a lot of enemies to take advantage of darkness to carry out such dastardly acts. Instead of showing street power, Benazir should have spoken to her followers through private TV channels.” Muhammd Younus, an electrical shop assistant in downtown Balad, echoed Benazir’s statement that the explosions and the consequent loss of lives won’t prevent her from leading the Pakistan People’s Party into the country’s parliamentary elections. “The sacrifices of people who died won’t go to waste, she will return to power for the third time as the country’s prime minister,” he said. (Arab News, 2007-10-20)

3.   "Mother ... we will still be together." Born in Shanghai in 1'35, Zhang was the illegitimate daughter of a shop assistant and the son of a prominent family. (Washington Post, 2008-01-29)

4.   "When I saw what they were being fed, I was shaking I was so angry," said a shop assistant, 26, narrating each photo as she passed it to a customer. (Washington Post, 2008-06-21)

5.   Many said goods and cash inside their homes were lost for good. "It began flooding early this morning," said shop assistant Zhu Yunhui, 37, who said she had kept many tens of thousands of yuan in her home. (Washington Post, 2008-06-10)

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