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TIPS Искать примеры произношения

общая лексика

Technical Information Phone Service

служба TIPS

телефонная служба корпорации Intel по поддержке программных продуктов

tips Искать примеры произношения

общая лексика

доходы даровые

Смотрите также

blade tips

PG Tips Искать примеры произношения

общая лексика

"Пи-джи типс" (фирменное название чайной смеси компании "Брук бонд" )

от Pregestee, искаж. predigested - предварительно переваренный + tips - почки (на побегах чая)

hook-tips Искать примеры произношения


серпокрылки (Drepanidae)

blade tips Искать примеры произношения

общая лексика

периферия лопаток

asparagus tips Искать примеры произношения
головки спаржи
ermine tips Искать примеры произношения
горностаевые хвостики
he tips the scales at 225 pounds Искать примеры произношения
он весит 225 фунтов
the tips of the ears ‹of the fingers› Искать примеры произношения
кончики ушей
to walk on the tips of one's toes Искать примеры произношения
ходить на цыпочках
tips for care of home Искать примеры произношения
советы по домоводству
to stand on the tips of one's toes Искать примеры произношения
стоять на цыпочках
rubber tips to put on the legs of a stool Искать примеры произношения
резиновые колпачки для ножек табурета
to the tips of one's fingers Искать примеры произношения
основательно, досконально, в совершенстве; как свои пять пальцев
I'll wait till my father tips up Искать примеры произношения
я подожду, пока мой папаша не раскошелится

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Примеры употребления слова "tips" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   Although people exchange tips along the lines of "drink water before eating, and eat linseed", the discussion is anything but a mere comparison of waist measurements. The writers jealously guard their anonymity. (Helsingin Sanomat, 2005-08-16)

2.   Police also confiscated two cars and a handgun. Sales tips Consumers warned to show restraint The Development Ministry called on consumers to be careful when shopping during the winter sales period, which starts today, and to avoid excessive spending by loading up credit cards. (Kathimerin, 2008-01-15)

3.   Pamphlets in six languages, including English, that offer tips on how to dispose of trash are being handed out to businesses in the city. (Kathimerin, 2008-01-10)

4.   The thieves made their getaway on a motorcycle after the raid, which did not result in any injuries. People skills Being a good manager need not be a difficult task, according to Greek-Australian corporate psychologist Katina Cremona who has spoken to Kathmerini English Edition about her new book, which offers “eight tools for the savvy leader.” Hot tips for better interaction... (Kathimerin, 2008-01-10)

5.   Tips for a documentary’s success... Seraphim ordained The new bishop of Piraeus, Seraphim, was ordained yesterday and shunned traditional gifts from worshippers, saying he had never desired “earthly pleasures.” Seraphim, who replaced the aging and ill Kallinikos, said he would strive to be “a father to everyone” and promised that his door would always be open to his faithful. (Kathimerin, 2006-03-20)

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