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Примеры употребления слова "intuition" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   For details, log on to www.amcham.gr. Wednesday The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems hosts the fourth Intuition international conference on “Virtual Reality and Virtual Environment,” at the National Bank of Greece Training and Conference Center in Glyfada. (Kathimerin, 2007-10-01)

2.   The Yediot report quoted Barak as saying, "Israelis have healthy intuition. (Arab News, 2007-08-11)

3.   It is based on suspense, speed, intuition and determination delivered in the most dramatic manner. “The show offers one of the biggest cash prizes on TV,” Roger K. (Arab News, 2006-09-13)

4.   "I think at this point, because they already killed the others, (he) is going to be probably dead as well, that's just a mom's intuition," said Jackie Stewart, a resident of Ridgefield, Wash. (Washington Post, 2008-03-25)

5.   There seems to be a collective intuition that they are in for a wild ride. And they may well be. (Washington Post, 2008-02-04)

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