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disgust Искать примеры произношения
dar asco
writhe Искать примеры произношения
to writhe in disgust: dar asco

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Примеры употребления слова "disgust" в англоязычной прессе:

1.   Lovely people or what? Martikainen snorts, as her disgust is directed more at Helsinki than at its inhabitants. (Helsingin Sanomat, 2005-09-20)

2.   The nightclub employees have been charged with complicity in the attack on the 20-year-old from Sydney but were released from custody last weekend, much to the disgust of the victim’s father. (Kathimerin, 2008-08-05)

3.   The criminal trial of the policeman was recently postponed until April because the court in Thessaloniki ran out of time to hear the case, to the disgust of Dimitriou who had traveled to Greece to testify in the hearing. (Kathimerin, 2007-12-15)

4.   LEBANON BOMBING Greece condemns Qana attack, calls for immediate ceasefire The Foreign Ministry yesterday issued a statement condemning an Israeli air strike in Qana, southern Lebanon, that has killed at least 50 people, including some 30 children, and reiterated calls for an immediate ceasefire. «The tragedy in Qana has left us all dumbfounded, filled with disgust and deep sorrow. (Kathimerin, 2006-07-31)

5.   The crowd at the park was the biggest since the first night of protests on 1' March, when about 10,000 people turned out, but the large number was counterbalanced by hundreds of others who walked by in apathy, disgust or fear of taking part. (Aljazeera, 2006-03-26)

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