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Examples of use of the word "vacate" in the press

1. He is the most senior Palestinian official to be killed in Palestinian infighting and his death comes as Palestinian security forces prepare to take control of the Gaza Strip which the Israeli army has said it would vacate completely by 15 September. (Aljazeera, 07-09-2005)

2. The PML(N) leader said people had given verdict against the president so he should vacate the army house. (Arab News, 29-05-2008)

3. Unlimited greed is breaking all ethics of landlord-tenant relationships and infringing the tenants’ basic rights,” he said. “Some landlords ask tenants, especially expatriates, to vacate even though they pay high rents and threaten to cut electricity and water if they refused,” he said. (Arab News, 23-03-2008)

4. A special assembly elected in April voted to abolish the monarch and gave Gyanendra a fortnight to vacate the sprawling pink palace in Kathmandu. (Washington Post, 29-05-2008)

5. Chaudhry wrote the letter from an official residence in Islamabad, which he has refused to vacate and where he is being held under guard with his wife and three children. (Arab News, 31-01-2008)

6. It then banned UN vehicles from patrolling at night on its side of the zone, prompting the UN to vacate 18 of its 40 posts. (Aljazeera, 15-12-2005)

7. The government also ordered universities and colleges in six cities including Dhaka shut until further notice, telling students to vacate dormitories. (Washington Post, 23-08-2007)

8. Haaretz said that Noga Ben David, one of the leaders of the community, declined to discuss whether settler groups are behind the deal, saying he prefers to remain silent until the police vacate the premises. (Arab News, 29-04-2008)

9. "We are and can remain a regional power and should be able to vacate all nuclear threats." Some analysts say the communist parties are using anti-Americanism surrounding the nuclear issue to court Muslim votes in a country with the world's second-largest Muslim population. (Washington Post, 27-08-2007)

10. The department will vacate space in Burruss Hall, which will then be used to create a Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships. (Washington Post, 21-12-2007)

11. Scores of protesters suffered injuries in the clash and they said the number will grow. The confrontation has been brewing for months since about 100 farmers refused to vacate the area where South Korea and the United States agreed two years ago to move the main US military base now in Seoul and several others throughout the country. (Aljazeera, 04-05-2006)

12. In the besieged northern Jaffna Peninsula, cut off from the rest of Sri Lanka by Tiger territory, the pro-rebel students union has imposed a boycott on classes even though the military has ordered displaced families to vacate camps at schools. (Arab News, 26-09-2006)

13. "It seems all but certain that, voluntarily or not, he'll vacate the Cuban presidency early this year, though he may symbolically hold onto some new, wholly honorific title," added Latell, who has studied the Castro brothers for decades. (Washington Post, 21-01-2008)

14. The municipality also ordered those who refused to vacate the land to produce evidence in support of their claims. However, the encroacher-turned-assailant did not heed the municipal instructions and founded a large farm on public land. (Arab News, 10-09-2007)

15. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Arab News A Nepalese Army soldier stands guard at the gate of Nirmal Niwas, the private residence of ex-King Gyanendra, in Katmandu, on Friday. (EPA) KATMANDU, 31 May 2008 — In further humiliation for the 240-year-old Nepalese monarchy, the Katmandu government has started an audit of royal palace property and sent a letter asking former King Gyanendra to vacate the palace within two weeks. (Arab News, 31-05-2008)

16. District Judge Victor Marrero, said that he would vacate the previous legal victory only if the Palestinian Authority put up a $1'2.7 million bond to ensure that it does not default again if it loses in court. (Washington Post, 28-03-2008)

17. Last month, the government presented a bill to amend the law, proposing that rape cases be tried only in civil courts, with no four-witness requirement. But more than 60 lawmakers from the coalition of religious parties threatened to vacate their legislative seats, which could have forced a by-election and a major political crisis for Pervez Musharraf, the president. (Aljazeera, 12-09-2006)

18. They did not withdraw their threat, but softened their stance and allowed girls to attain education up to the fourth grade. However, the chief of the terrorists renewed the threat of bombing educational institutions if any school continued higher education for girls,” The News said. “Girls, their parents, teachers and even drivers transporting students to and from schools are frightened while the owners of buildings have also asked us to vacate their property in view of fear of damage due to bombing,” the owner said. (Arab News, 17-01-2009)

19. Several third-term village chairmen have fielded their wives or close relatives to run for the posts they will soon vacate while they themselves are campaigning for a council seat. Name Recall Edu Manzano is running for kagawad of Barangay Calzada in Guinobatan, Albay. (Arab News, 29-10-2007)

20. "If he does not leave the palace then the government might have to use force to vacate the palace," he said. (Washington Post, 27-05-2008)

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