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Examples of use of the word "vaccinate" in the press

1. Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, had sought federal supplies to vaccinate 7.5 million children below 15 years of age. (Aljazeera, 05-09-2005)

2. The health officials will check for cases of meningitis, polio, yellow fever and other diseases that are endemic to some countries. Arrangements have been made to vaccinate pilgrims if they have not taken it in their countries of origin,” he said. (Arab News, 27-11-2007)

3. Lulwa Shalhoub, Arab News JEDDAH — A national weeklong campaign to vaccinate children under the age of five against polio kicked off yesterday in health care centers run by the Ministry of Health in Jeddah. (Arab News, 24-02-2008)

4. Meningitis survivors sometimes sustain brain damage or other complications from the disease. Authorities in Kano state are blaming the Pfizer controversy for widespread suspicion of government public health policies, particularly the global effort to vaccinate children against polio. (Washington Post, 20-07-2007)

5. The government had teams at the ready to vaccinate animals at farms around the infected area if the outbreak had got out of hand. Farmers have generally praised the government for responding quickly to the latest outbreak, in contrast with a devastating 2001 outbreak when more than 6 million farm animals were killed, costing the economy some 8.5 billion pounds. (Washington Post, 15-08-2007)

6. Asked about the hospitals’ refusal to vaccinate children because of the scarcity of the vaccine, Seema Farhad, a mother of three, said: “I was told to call and check about the availability of the MMR vaccine at the hospital only after two weeks from now.” “The case in other hospitals and clinics is the same,” said a staff member of Thomairy National Clinic, when asked about the availability of the MMR vaccine. (Arab News, 25-12-2006)

7. "In recent weeks, the UN worked to vaccinate 4.7 million Iraqi children five years and under ... as part of a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering health among the population," the statement in the Jordanian capital, Amman, said on Sunday. (Aljazeera, 19-07-2005)

8. The government aims to vaccinate up to 20 million children against the dreaded malady. People with children lined up yesterday at camps around Dhaka as the government launched the first phase of a three-round campaign to vaccinate for free 18 million-20 million children against polio. (Arab News, 17-04-2006)

9. "Firstly, we can confirm it is actually possible to vaccinate humans against this bird flu virus using existing technology," said Terry Nolan, the principal investigator. (Aljazeera, 17-02-2006)

10. China intends to vaccinate its entire poultry population Scientists in the institute spent four years developing the vaccine. (Aljazeera, 26-12-2005)

11. The government announced last month it intended to vaccinate its entire poultry population against bird flu. China's poultry population is the world's biggest with 14 billion fowls produced each year. (Aljazeera, 26-12-2005)

12. Court also cited figures released last week showing that measles deaths fell by '1 percent in Africa between 2000 and 2006 due to an initiative to vaccinate children. (Washington Post, 10-12-2007)

13. The staff was forced to vaccinate the entire population in mid-July. (Washington Post, 13-05-2008)

14. Emergency immunisation The Angolan authorities undertook an emergency immunisation at the end of July to vaccinate an estimated five million children. (Aljazeera, 16-08-2005)

15. Bushra had earlier said that the fresh cases of bird flu in Egyptian poultry showed that there was still a risk for human cases, but a large outbreak was less likely to take hold or spread so long as Egypt continued to vaccinate poultry. (Arab News, 12-10-2006)

16. In Brussels, EU animal health experts considered requests from France and the Netherlands, Europe's biggest poultry producers, to be allowed to vaccinate millions of birds against avian influenza. (Aljazeera, 22-02-2006)

17. This could double, depending on the time it takes to vaccinate sufferers. It is estimated that some 3,500 hospital wards will be needed to treat patients so the plan calls for private clinics to give up any free space they have and for authorities to turn hotels into treatment areas. (Kathimerin, 14-11-2005)

18. Vaccinators, who had not yet dispersed, were sent back to vaccinate in those areas. More recently, surveyors in Africa have been using pocket computers loaded with an open-source program, EpiSurveyor, developed by a Washington-based nonprofit, DataDyne, to track coverage after supplemental measles vaccination campaigns. (Washington Post, 30-11-2007)

19. Usmani said authorities were investigating the new cases to see if the farm owners ignored instructions to vaccinate their birds. “We are keeping a close watch and there is no cause of concern,” he said. (Arab News, 24-05-2007)

20. In another development, the United Nations yesterday said it plans to vaccinate more than seven million Afghan children during a three-day immunization campaign across the war-torn country. (Arab News, 28-02-2006)

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