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Examples of use of the word "vaccine" in the press

1. Scientists have produced a vaccine against deadly H5N1 strains of bird flu that has protected mice, using a genetic engineering technique that can be scaled up for stockpiling to prepare for a pandemic. (Aljazeera, 02-02-2006)

2. She added, "I probably wouldn't have joined the study knowing there's a risk." Another participant, Nonhlanhla Nqakala, 22, said she thought the text message urging her to visit the vaccine test site meant she had tested positive for HIV. (Washington Post, 25-10-2007)

3. The Gates Foundation grant will help fund research at several Washington-area laboratories, investing in multiple scientific projects that it hopes could yield the first approved malaria vaccine. (Washington Post, 25-09-2008)

4. It's more expensive: roughly $2.70 per dose, compared with 15 cents for the oral vaccine. About 135 million infants are born each year, and each will need at least two shots. (Washington Post, 25-12-2007)

5. Ivins as a deeply disturbed man with bizarre habits, including a proclivity for false identities and inexplicably long drives to nowhere. The government suggests that he had a motive for the crime: The anthrax vaccine program he was working on was going badly, and an anthrax attack could re-energize efforts to plow ahead, according to U.S. (Washington Post, 07-08-2008)

6. The declaration made at a "summit meeting" is tantamount to an admission that almost no progress has been made in the search for an AIDS vaccine in the past 25 years and that something close to new start is necessary. (Washington Post, 26-03-2008)

7. A trial involving more than 1400 children in Mozambique has given experts hope they can create a vaccine against malaria, which kills over a million people worldwide each year, mainly in Africa. (Aljazeera, 16-11-2005)

8. However, Mitchell Warren of the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, who attended the meeting, praised it as the beginning of a necessary readjustment of priorities. (Washington Post, 26-03-2008)

9. No vaccine is currently available to prevent hepatitis C and treatment for chronic cases is too costly for most persons in developing countries to afford. (Arab News, 16-10-2007)

10. Citing the key for mass manufacture, the firm said its vaccine produced a high immune response at a low dosage because of a special “adjuvant” — an ingredient which stimulates the body’s immune system. It said the vaccine had proved effective at two doses of 3.8 micrograms during clinical trials involving 400 healthy adults aged between 18 and 60 years old in Belgium. “The meaning of this is that we are going to be in a position, starting later this year, to produce hundreds of millions of doses of an effective pandemic vaccine, so this is a big breakthrough,” Garnier told BBC radio. “We do not know what it would cost because we still have one unknown, which is we have to industrialize the process to make the vaccines,” he added. “But I would say if you were a betting man, you would say probably it’s going to be equivalent to a flu vaccine in terms of cost — maybe four pounds ($7.35) a dose or so,” he said. “We need a little more time to answer those questions but by Christmas we will be able to do so,” he said. “If we had a pandemic threat — an immediate threat — and we needed to switch from flu to pandemic, then we would make significant quantities very quickly.” During a conference, researchers warned of the difficulty of meeting demand in the event of a pandemic. “We lack the manufacturing capacity to make enough doses of vaccines for the 1.2 billion people who may be at risk in a pandemic,” Suryaprakash Sambhara, a researcher with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said. (Arab News, 27-07-2006)

11. A vaccine boycott in Nigeria was blamed for causing an outbreak that spread the disease across Africa and into the Middle East and as far as Indonesia. (Aljazeera, 11-11-2005)

12. For the past two months, the MMR vaccine has been unobtainable in most government-run clinics. (Arab News, 22-08-2007)

13. A vaccine against cervical cancer which could save the lives of thousands of women in Greece was made available at pharmacies around the country yesterday. (Kathimerin, 17-01-2007)

14. She said the company did not find contamination in the vaccine itself but in the plant where the vaccine is made in West Point, Pa. (Washington Post, 13-12-2007)

15. Each season, flu virologists meet to decide the formula for the next year's vaccine. The World Health Organization recommended yesterday that next year's vaccine be composed of three strains of the virus now circulating, including the two responsible for more than half of the current U.S. cases. (Washington Post, 16-02-2008)

16. Feinberg called "kind of an interesting and unexplained observation." "There is something very, very peculiar" going on in the vaccine trials, said Anthony S. (Washington Post, 21-03-2008)

17. The move stems from the discovery last month that an AIDS vaccine developed by Merck & Co. might have led to more infections than it averted among study subjects in the United States and other countries. (Washington Post, 25-10-2007)

18. He said that many million doses of the vaccine can be made with existing technology. "This approach is a feasible vaccine strategy against existing and newly emerging viruses of highly pathogenic avian influenza to prepare against a pandemic," the scientists said in the journal. (Aljazeera, 02-02-2006)

19. Unicef, the UN children's fund, said the Health Ministry so far had decided to increase its production of the vaccine to just 600,000 doses from 300,000. (Aljazeera, 13-12-2005)

20. Ultimately, he said, the goal is eradication. "We're not likely to eradicate malaria without an effective vaccine, and that might be quite a few years away," Chambers said. (Washington Post, 25-04-2008)

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