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Examples of use of the word "vaguely" in the press

1. "I haven't been given any instructions that would even vaguely resemble what you just mentioned," the general said. (Washington Post, 26-10-2007)

2. "They are looking for an exemplary punishment for us " Taysir Alluni, Aljazeera reporterZougam, held as a prime suspect over the Madrid train bombings in March last year, appeared in court a month ago to say that while he vaguely knew Abu Dahdah, it was only because they had met shopping in the Lavapies district of Madrid, which has a large Arab population. (Aljazeera, 06-07-2005)

3. "The charter provision will have to be vaguely worded or several laws used to fight terrorism could be considered violations." (Washington Post, 30-07-2007)

4. In other words, how is it possible that a man who has made judgment the centerpiece of his presidential campaign has shown so little of it in this matter? One possible answer to these questions is that Obama has learned to rely on a sycophantic media that hears any criticism of him as either (1) racist, (2) vaguely racist or (3) doing the bidding of Hillary and Bill Clinton. (Washington Post, 18-03-2008)

5. One relative vaguely recalls seeing a then-4-year-old Bobby visit many years ago, but others are not so sure. (Washington Post, 30-10-2007)

6. Apparently, nearly all have had experiences vaguely unpleasant in women’s branches here. “Most employers care about the degrees of women applying to banking - they really don’t look into their interpersonal skills” sighs Bayan. “Although some of them are really committed to their work — my friend is currently working at the NCB bank and she is constantly getting promoted, it really depends on the character not on the gender.” Nadia suggests the panacea would be more activities in school, and courses that would help them react to the world and their surroundings better. “And urge them to think analytically,” Bayan added. (Arab News, 23-09-2005)

7. Burly and vaguely academic-looking, with a shock of wavy graying hair, Yepsen is the journalistic embodiment of the Iowa caucuses. (Washington Post, 18-12-2007)

8. It started, lights dimmed, with a single oud filling the hall with a hauntingly romantic, classic Arab sound — but to Western ears playing a vaguely familiar tune. (Arab News, 25-02-2008)

9. The explosions killed at least 42 people. By the next morning, the government had announced who was responsible, or at least pointed a vaguely accusing finger at Islamic guerrilla groups based in neighboring Muslim countries. (Washington Post, 27-08-2007)

10. What began as a vaguely ideological war against perceived ethnic discrimination by the government degenerated into something close to madness under Kony, a former Catholic catechist who allegedly keeps 30 wives and claims to be God's spokesman. (Washington Post, 28-07-2008)

11. And those are just the prime-time regulars. All three cable networks have small, standing armies of political journalists, think-tank wonks, ex-pols and vaguely affiliated political figures (typically described on the air as Democratic or Republican "strategists") to provide commentary and predictions at other hours of the day. (Washington Post, 19-02-2008)

12. Dr. Razaz also spoke about the medical practice system that does not clarify or specify the role of the physician in cases of abuse except to vaguely say that he is supposed to cooperate with the relevant authorities and to report any suspected cases to the police. (Arab News, 25-01-2006)

13. For the first few days, business is vaguely normal. “In the second and third weeks, you begin to see changes. (Arab News, 19-09-2007)

14. But the state appellate court overturned the ruling, declaring that, under education code provisions, "parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children." Home schooling is largely unregulated in California and vaguely defined under a private school provision. (Washington Post, 21-04-2008)

15. Keen to leave a positive legacy for their successors, the two leaders signed a document setting out a "road map" for future ties after they leave office and said they would keep working to reach a compromise on the shield row. Washington had hoped to make substantial progress towards a deal on the shield at the two-day summit in the resort of Sochi but the vaguely-worded declaration fell short of that. (Washington Post, 06-04-2008)

16. "It was very touching." This is a crowd on a first-name basis with its politicians, offering dishy assertions of a vaguely stalking and sometimes illusory nature: Condi has a dress very similar to one Michelle Obama wears. (Washington Post, 05-02-2008)

17. In many cases, authorities have pointed the finger vaguely in the direction of Islamist fighters in Pakistan and Bangladesh. (Washington Post, 29-07-2008)

18. Sturgell, who's now acting administrator, to a five-year term as head of the agency.Disaster, Indeed This just in from New York PR type Rita Larchar, who notes that 10,000 of the hundreds of thousands of people uprooted by California's wildfires "have taken shelter at the local NFL stadium," something "vaguely reminiscent of circumstances of Hurricane Katrina evacuees two years ago." So who better to advise us than former FEMA director and Katrina veteran Michael "Heck of a Job, Brownie" Brown? (Washington Post, 24-10-2007)

19. But that important development was overshadowed by the dreadful news that the famous dinner skits by the delegations -- often the only memorable events at the somnolent gatherings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) -- were canceled, allegedly by host Singapore, for what a spokesman vaguely called "practical reasons." No more Secretary of State Colin Powell dressed as one of the Village People (2004), with a hard hat and a hammer in his belt, singing the group's mega-hit, "YMCA." Five aides backed him, all wearing variations of the band's outfits. (Washington Post, 25-07-2008)

20. Unlike the House -- where the majority can rule with an iron fist even with a one-vote edge -- the Senate acts on a vaguely accepted concept of "unanimous consent." Without all 100 senators in agreement, it can take a series of deliberative actions and votes to move ahead on legislation. (Washington Post, 28-07-2008)

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