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Examples of use of the word "validity" in the press

1. Perhaps the view that it should be done immediately enjoys stronger validity. To start with, if he puts it off till next year, he cannot tell whether he will be alive or fit enough next year. (Arab News, 28-12-2006)

2. The government is preparing a system that will keep a closer eye on who receives disability payments and will also provide recipients with an electronic card aimed at simplifying their dealings with the state. The Institute of Social Protection and Solidarity (IKPA) has proposed the setting up of review centers at hospitals across Greece where specifically appointed doctors will assess the validity of each claim. (Kathimerin, 22-09-2006)

3. They have either come home empty-handed, landed in low-paying jobs or gone to jail because their visa validity or category have already expired. The DFA likewise warned that illegal recruiters promise OFWs they can get European or US visas in Shanghai at exorbitant fees. (Arab News, 16-05-2008)

4. Experienced California Democratic politicians doubt the validity of Clinton's lead. (Washington Post, 28-01-2008)

5. Print Article | Comment on Article Rizanas Lawyer Doubts Translators Credentials Mohammed Rasooldeen, Arab News RIYADH, 10 June 2008 The lawyer defending Rizana Nafeek, a 20-year-old Sri Lankan maid who was found guilty and sentenced to death on a charge of murdering an infant in her care, questioned yesterday the validity of the translation of the Tamil-speaking womans statements to police. (Arab News, 10-06-2008)

6. The validity of international and foreign driving licenses will be one year from the date of entry into the Kingdom by their holders. “In accordance with the new law, those who throw cigarettes and garbage onto roads from vehicles will be fined in order to stop such unsound practices,” the traffic chief said. (Arab News, 14-07-2008)

7. The results are considered provisional until Italy's supreme court, the Corte di Cassazione, rules on their validity. (Aljazeera, 13-04-2006)

8. "It only diminishes John Bolton's validity and leverage to secure America's goals at the UN," Kerry said in a statement. (Aljazeera, 01-08-2005)

9. The validity period on the I-20 form given by the school is the maximum that a student can stay in the US, although due to the reciprocity agreement between the Kingdom and the US, the visa is issued for only two years even if the study period is longer than that, so the student would have to renew it. “If you have all the required documents we can issue the visa in a week, but sometimes there is additional processing in Washington so it might take two months especially for male students. (Arab News, 20-11-2006)

10. On the other hand, if we consider wine to be a physical impurity, as some scholars do, then the man’s prayer is invalid, because an essential condition for the validity of prayer is to ensure the purity of one’s body, clothes and the place where we are praying. Having said that, there is a third way to consider this question. (Arab News, 16-03-2006)

11. The process, demonstrated to the press by consular officials, is entirely digitized and takes just a few seconds. Ian Marson, regional deputy director of visa services, explained that no data was kept at the center or on any hard drive locally. “It is all encrypted and transmitted to the UK where it is held under the terms of the Data Protection Act to ensure security of information,” he said. “The biometric process makes it easier to identify trusted travelers,” said Rudd. “As a result, we can issue five- and 10-year visas, which means applicants only have to supply the information perhaps once a decade.” She added that the new visas would be transferable to new passports during the period of the visa’s validity. (Arab News, 24-10-2007)

12. After the new rule has been implemented, most people cannot do so because of the short validity of the visas. Meanwhile, the demolition of more than 1,000 buildings in the northeastern part of the Grand Mosque has created a housing shortage in the city. (Arab News, 29-09-2008)

13. Col. Stephen Abraham's declaration, filed in U.S. federal court, addressed "only limited aspects of the CSRT process with respect to only a few unspecified" cases and that it "casts no shadow on the validity of the CSRTs." Abraham, who worked in the office that supervised such tribunals, said he witnessed irregularities in the process and believed the system was designed to come to preordained conclusions. (Washington Post, 07-07-2007)

14. Al-Oudah also questioned the validity of Al-Qaeda using violence. “What have we gained from the destruction of a whole country such as Iraq and Afghanistan?” Al-Oudah said, adding that these wars have led to civil wars in the region. “Who benefits from turning countries like Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Morocco into insecure places?” he asked. (Arab News, 17-09-2007)

15. What should be the position of a person who cannot distinguish the validity of evidence, or does not understand the intricacies involved in arriving at a ruling? The answer is that he should simply follow a scholar whom he trusts to be sincere, honest, and would not compromise his religious standpoint in order to please any human being. (Arab News, 19-02-2006)

16. He questioned the validity of the ruling because it was made by a court formed under an emergency law introduced in 1'63. Syrian human rights activists have sought an end to the emergency law, but the government links the law to the country's war with Israel and not to internal affairs. (Aljazeera, 06-06-2005)

17. 2, 2007; 8:45 AM ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Nov. 2 -- Pakistan's Supreme Court reversed course today and announced it would on Monday resume hearings on the validity of President Pervez Musharraf's reelection, saying it did not want uncertainty about the court's action to contribute to the mood of crisis in the country. (Washington Post, 02-11-2007)

18. Ali, Arab News NEW DELHI, 20 January 2007 — India’s Supreme Court has asked the government to explain the constitutional validity of the Haj Committee Act, 1'5'. (Arab News, 20-01-2007)

19. He has also converted to Islam and married a 1' year-old Malay girl, though there are doubts of the validity of the wedding certificate. (Aljazeera, 16-01-2006)

20. When such differences are in matters of detail, they have no effect on the validity of prayers. They simply indicate that the Prophet did certain aspects of his prayers differently at different times. (Arab News, 11-11-2006)

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