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Examples of use of the word "valor" in the press

1. I don't buy that. I think America today is a better country than the one I left nearly six years ago." That healing gift is what McCain, at his best, brings to the presidential race -- not the brass marching band of military valor but the tolerance of someone who has truly suffered. (Washington Post, 31-07-2008)

2. And he worries that bashing the carbine will undermine the confidence the troops have in it. "The guy killing the enemy with this gun loves it," said Keys, a former Marine Corps general who was awarded the Navy Cross for battlefield valor in Vietnam. (Washington Post, 27-04-2008)

3. Last night the guests included D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee; a single mother from Tanzania who benefited from the U.S. global AIDS initiative; the co-chairs of his commission on health care for veterans; and several soldiers who served with valor in Iraq and elsewhere. (Washington Post, 29-01-2008)

4. Arab News JEDDAH/DUBAI, 13 July 2006 — Indian expatriates in the Gulf expressed shock and anger at the serial blasts in Bombay but praised the indomitable spirit of the Bombayites in facing up to the crisis with valor and dignity. “Yes it is unfortunate and sad,” said Gopal Sutar, media editor at Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) in Riyadh. “It was a very well-organized attack on the country’s financial hub. (Arab News, 13-07-2006)

5. The pirates released the crew of the Japanese-owned Stolt Valor on Nov. 16 after a ransom was paid, said Abdul Gani Sarang, chairman of the National Union of Seafarers of India. (Arab News, 25-11-2008)

6. A group with conservative ties, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, charged that Kerry did not deserve the medals he won in the Vietnam War — despite his combat record of bravery and valor. (Arab News, 26-01-2007)

7. Kerry was a decorated war hero, yet somehow his valor and sense of duty were turned into a political negative and used against him. Now Corsi, in what he acknowledges is an attempt "to keep Obama from getting elected," has come out with a book that similarly tries to turn one of Obama's strengths -- his compelling life story -- into a liability. (Washington Post, 15-08-2008)

8. The warships, said to be six in numbers, have been sent to the Gulf of Aden to protect Indian merchant vessels from pirates passing through the Gulf of Aden, even though the fate of the 18 Indians sailors on board the Japanese-registered ship “Stolt Valor” in Somali waters still hangs in balance. (Arab News, 18-10-2008)

9. It's a shrine to valor and the sacrifices American men and women have made," said George W. (Washington Post, 18-09-2008)

10. On the brighter side, those with waivers earn more medals for valor and tend to stay in the Army longer. (Washington Post, 29-04-2008)

11. But, once again, the president failed to provide either a plan to successfully end the war or a convincing rationale to continue it. The president rightfully invoked the valor of our troops in his speech, but his plan does not amount to real change. (Washington Post, 14-09-2007)

12. The surge is working. Our men and women in Iraq are performing with skill and valor -- and they have earned the respect of the people of the United States of America. (Applause.) This experience will help shape your careers as officers in the United States Air Force. (Washington Post, 29-05-2008)

13. She said she was considering rejecting the Navy Cross, the second-highest award for valor in combat that can be awarded to a Marine. (Washington Post, 19-09-2008)

14. During his first deployment, Jonathan had earned an Army Commendation Medal with valor, treating the wounded "before the smoke had settled," his platoon sergeant said. (Washington Post, 23-12-2007)

15. En el sur del Perъ, entre tanto, cientнficos estбn enfocando su atenciуn en la cultivaciуn de productos orgбnicos, como alcachofas y espбrragos, agregando valor a las exportaciones peruanas. (Washington Post, 11-01-2008)

16. He laid out the sobering experience on his application for West Point several years later and, he recalled this week, "somebody looked at that application and said 'he apparently learned something from the experience and we'll give him an opportunity.'" Wallace, a four-star general whose chest full of awards now includes two Distinguished Service medals, five Legion of Merit awards and an Army Commendation Medal for valor, said the Army has an obligation to give young people a second chance to make something of themselves. (Washington Post, 29-04-2008)

17. Whatever Chaplain Nordan had to say about Hall's valor and sacrifice were lost to the drone of airplanes leaving National Airport. (Washington Post, 24-04-2008)

18. There were 83 men in the group who received a medal for meritorious service or valor _ either a Bronze Star, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross or Medal of Honor. (Washington Post, 11-11-2007)

19. But his record of valor in Vietnam goes down well in conservative evangelical circles, as does his unflinching support of the Iraq War and his backing of Israel. (Washington Post, 06-04-2008)

20. Los expertos estбn advirtiendo nuevamente que las materias primas son impredecibles y las economнas que dependen demasiado en ellas estбn destinadas a pasar por malos momentos. Para suavizar el golpe de bajas econуmicas, Amйrica Latina debiera diversificar y producir mбs exportaciones con valor agregado. (Washington Post, 11-01-2008)

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